Research Areas

Data-driven Structural Health Monitoring

  • Damage detection techniques
  • Remote and mobile sensing technology
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques
  • Computer vision
  • Nondestructive testing methods
  • Bridge information modeling

Intelligent Systems for Structural Retrofitting and Control

  • Newer damping technology
  • Vibration mitigation and energy harvesting
  • UAV-based inspection
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital twins

Wind and Earthquake Engineering

  • Nonlinear behavior of structures
  • Soil-structure interactions
  • Estimation of wind-induced fatigue in the roof-cladding


Research Facility

Dr. Sadhu's Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) laboratory consists of a wide range of relevant equipment:

  • Shake table and Vibration Control System (APS Dynamics)
  • Low frequency high sensitive accelerators (PCB Electronics) for ambient vibration monitoring
  • Low sensitive high-frequency accelerometers (PCB Electronics) for machine condition monitoring
  • Wireless accelerometers (Civionics)
  • Wireless LVDTs and strain gauges (Hoskin Scientific)
  • Data acquisition systems (Data Translation)
  • High-rate data acquisition systems (Techmatron)
  • Acoustic emission sensors (Vallen)
  • Grasshopper3 Camera (Edmund optics)
  • GPU with NVIDIA Quadro
  • Matrice 300 RTK Drone (DJI)
  • Mavic Mini drone
  • Mobile robotic sensor
  • Augmented Reality Glass (Microsoft Hololens 2)
  • Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Clearpath Robotics)
  • High speed camera, recorder and DIC system (Deltaphotonics)