Current Students


  1. Premjeet Singh (Bachelors: Lakehead, Direct Entry to PhD), 2018 - present.
  2. Mohamed Barbosh (Masters: Lakehead), 2019 - present.
  3. Kyle Dunphy (Masters: Western), 2020 - present.
  4. Ali Abasi (Masters: Amirkabir), 2021 - present.
  5. Micheal Sakr (Bachelors: U. of Balamand, Direct Entry to PhD), 2021 - present.
  6. Rashinda Wijethunga (Bachelors: U. of Moratuwa, Direct Entry PhD), 2021 - present.
  7. Shivank Mittal (Masters: IIT Guwahati), 2022 - present.



  1. Veronica Zhao, 2021 - present.
  2. Omar Abdallah, 2022 - present.


Alumni (PhD)

   2. Sandeep Sony, PhD, 2017 - 2021:

ThesisTowards multiclass damage detection and localization using limited vibration measurements.

   1. Eshta Ranyal, PhD, 2021 - 2022 (Visting doctoral fellow from IIT Roorkee, India)

Thesis: Pavement condition monitoring using AI.


Alumni (MESc)

   12.  Hang You, MESc, 2018 - 2020 (co-supervised with Dr. Girma Bitsuamlak): Currently Engineer at RWDI, Guelph.

Thesis: Effect of city growth on tall building cladding fatigue.

   11. Kyle Dunphy, MESc, 2018 - 2020: Currently a PhD Student at Western.

Thesis: Material evaluation and structural monitoring of early-age masonry structures.

   10Shea Laventure, MESc, 2018 - 2020: Currently Engineer at DST Consulting Engineers, Toronto.

Thesis: Identification of aerodynamic damping for flexible structures using wind-induced response.

   9. Nawaf Almasri, MSc, 2016 - 2018

Thesis: Improved data compression techniques to analyze big data in structural health monitoring.

   8. Colin Hunter, MSc, 2016 - 2018: Currently Engineer at GKM Consultants, Montreal.

Thesis: Nondestructive testing of electrokinetically treated soil.

   7. Chanakya Boddupalli, MSc, 2016 – 2018: Currently Engineer at DMC Mining, Vaughan.

 Thesis: Building information modeling-enhanced visualization tool for structural health monitoring.

   6. Malek Lazhari, MSc, 2016 - 2018: Currently PhD student at Western.

Thesis: Towards system identification using single channel measurement in wireless sensing network.

   5. Peter Friesen, MSc, 2015 - 2017: Currently Engineer at Skyline Engineering, Victoria.

ThesisTowards identification of progressive damage in structures under nonstationary excitation.

   4. Mohamed Barbosh, MSc, 2016 - 2017: Currently PhD student at Western.

ThesisAn improved multivariate empirical mode decomposition method towards system identification of structures

   3. Miao Yuan, MSc, 2015 - 2017:  She was the recipient of Dean's gold medal for outstanding performance in MSc thesis. Currently Engineer at Amec Foster Wheeler, Toronto.

ThesisSimultaneous vibration suppression and energy harvesting with a non-traditional vibration absorber.

   2. Justin Tombe Demetry, MSc, 2015 - 2017:

Thesis: Health condition monitoring of civil structures using time-varying auto-regressive model

   1. Faiz Musafere, MSc, 2014 - 2015: Currently Engineer at Metrican Stamping, Toronto.

Thesis: Modal identification of time-varying structures using blind source separation technique.


Alumni (MEng)

 8. Wasel Al-Rafai, MEng, 2021 - 2022

Project: Traffic load monitoring using vehicle-induced measurements.

 7. Boyong Fang, MEng, 2021 - 2022

Project: Pavement condition monitoring using AI.

 6. Zuyi Ba, MEng, 2021 - 2022

Project: Data-driven system identification of aeroelastic model of flexible roofs.

 5. Arun Dhiman, MEng, 2019 - 2020

Project: Wavelet-assisted system identification of large-scale structures: numerical and full-scale Validation.

 4. Kartik Sharma, MEng, 2019 - 2020

Project: Prediction equation to estimate strong response duration of structure from the stationary duration of earthquake.

 3.  Majid Keyvanlou, MEng, 2019 - 2020

Project: System identification: an application with numerical evaluation and field measurement​.

 2. Prashant Sharma, MEng, 2019 - 2020

Project: A comparative performance of various system identification methods of structures.  

 1. Nithin Teja, MSc, 2017 - 2018: 

Project: Investigation of the effect of stationary duration of excitation on strong response duration.


Alumni (Undergraduate)

   1. Gautam Goli (Mitacs Globalink Intern from IIT Roorkee, 2016)

Project: Optimum sensor placement for structural system identification

   2. Patrick Meredith-Karam (URA from University of Toronto, 2016)

Project: Human-structure interaction issues in pedestrian bridge

   3. Jujhaar Singh (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2017)

Project: Vibration mitigation of structures using impact-mass damper

   4. Kyle Dunphy (URA from Lakehead), Summer 2017, he was the recipient of NSERC USRA Award.

 Project: Investigation of walking patterns from human-induced vibration of footbridges

   5. Khalil Zamal (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2018)

 Project: Investigation of human-induced vibration in structures

   6. Rajnish Singh (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2019)

 Project: Temporary bracing for masonry structure at job site

   7. Brady Young (Western USRI, 2020)

 Project: Damage localization using machine learning approaches

   8. Ayush Chatterjee (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2020)

 Project: Vibration-based damage identification using 2D CNN

   9. Sara Wollschlaeger (Mitacs Accelerate Intern, 2020)

 Project: Deep retrofit strategies for long-term care facilities and multi-unit residential buildings

  10. Zuyi Ba (Undergraduate Thesis, 2020-21)

 Project: System identification of building using wind-induced response.

  11. Jack Peplinski (NSERC USRA, 2021)

 Project: Structural inspection using Augmented Reality.

  12. Oswald Lawson (NSERC USRA, 2021)

 Project: Bridge health monitoring using mobile sensors.

  13. Elise Kaartinen (Western USRI, 2021)

 Project: Lidar-based structural inspection.

  14. Shreyas Samudra (Mitacs Globalink Intern from IIT Kharagpur, 2021)

 Project: Anomaly detection in vibration data using machine learning.

  15. Souyma Sarma (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2021)

 Project: Modal identification of a wind turbine.

  16. Varun Mishra (Mitacs Globalink Intern from IIT Roorkee, 2022)

 Project: Effect of climate change on structural loadings.

  17. Koushik Chamarthy (Mitacs Globalink Intern from IIT Chennai, 2022)

 Project: Traffic load monitoring using vehicle-induced response.

  18. Pradyum Chiwhane  (Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2022)

 Project: Machine learning-based human occupancy detection.

  19. Omar Abdallah (NSERC USRA, 2022)

 Project: Structural inspection using augmented reality.

  20. Arabella Akman (Western USRI, 2022)

 Project: 3D printing in structural engineering.

  21. Cao Zhang (Dean's Award, 2022)

 Project: Smartphone-based app development for bridge health monitoring.