Consulting Engineering Projects

Served as a consultant in a variety of challenging projects both in Canada and abroad. Examples of projects include:

  • Design consultant for major petrochemical plants in China, Thailand, UK, KSA, USA, Qatar and Canada.
  • Design consultant for cement plants in Europe, North and South America.
  • Assessment of vibration damage to buildings from construction activities (Winnipeg, MB).
  • Vibration monitoring for effects of rails on office/residential buildings.
  • Vibration monitoring and design of mitigation measures in industrial facilities (Kautex, Windsor, Ontario).
  • Ground vibration analysis for the foundation of the Canadian Light Source (Synchrotron, Saskatoon, SK).
  • Assessment of vibration problems in the vicinity of machinery NorthSide Industries (Vancouver), DuPont Canada (Kingston), CocaCola Bottling Canada (Brampton).
  • Evaluation of vibration and mitigation solution for ground vibrations due to quarry blasting on foundations of a power generation plant, Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp., USA.
  • Evaluation of foundation design for wind turbines (Hawaii, North Minnesota) for Barr Engineering, Spira International. Renewable Energy.
  • Served as external reviewer for major projects in the oil and gas industry.
  • Evaluation of seismic performance of rock pillars for mine waste containment facility, Milton.
  • Provided foundation design of an oil production platform, Venezuela.

Research Projects (2015 - 2020)





NSERC PromoScience 2015 2018


Enhancing the resilience and sustainability of critical geotechnical infrastructure 2015 2018
NSERC-DG Deep foundation technologies for infrastructure development 2015 2020
ElRayeh Seismic stability of MSE walls 2016 2018
Circle Consult Helical piles 2017 2019
NSERC-EG&OCE Innovative foundation for sound walls 2018 2019