Graduate Students In Progress

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Junyan Han, Seismic performance of pipelines
  • Ying ZhaoPerformance of piles in permafrost

Doctoral Students

  • Meshel Alkahtani, SSI for power transmission towers
  • Yazeed Alsharedah, Hybrid foundation for wind turbines in clay
  • AbdelRahman Aly, Seismic performance of helical pile groups
  • Jamal Assaf, Amplification models for ShakeMap application in Western Canada
  • Osama Drbe, Negative skin friction on piles [co-supervisor, chief advisor A. Sadrekarimi]
  • Ali Fallah, Seismic slope stability considering liquefaction
  • Abdalla El Tawati, Application of geogrid in road design
  • Esraa ElSayed, Innovative silicates based shotcrete
  • Zeyad Elsherbiny, Dynamic behaviour of helical pile groups
  • Kareem Embaby, Soil-structure interaction and design limit states for large-span Ultra-Cor steel bridges
  • Ahmed Hussein, Seismic behaviour of helical piles in lateral spreading ground
  • Moukhtar Khalifa, Large capacity pressure grouted helical piles
  • Safwat Ramadan, Soil-structure-interaction of three-sded culverts

Master's Students

  • Mai Elzamel, Density of as-installed gap fill material