Research Interests

Dr. El Damatty's research interests lie in the general area of Structural Engineering with Emphasis on Wind-Related Structural Problems, Structural Optimization, Shell Structures, and Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems. Most of the research is conduced using computer codes developed in-house. Experiments are conducted at the state-of-the-art testing facilities available at Western such as the Structural Lab, the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, and the WindEEE Dome.

Current Research Projects include:

  1. Behaviour of Transmission Line Structures under Tornadoes, Downbursts and Synoptic Wind
  2. Behaviour and Design of Conical Tanks Under Hydrostatic, Seismic and Wind Loads
  3. Behaviour of Light-Frame Wood Buildings
  4. Behaviour of Timber Buildings
  5. Behaviour of Wind Turbines Under Tornadoes and Downbursts
  6. Structural Optimization of Wind Turbines Under Various Environmental Loads
  7. Experimental Evaluation of Non-Linear Flutter of Long-Span Bridges
  8. Double-Curvature Cable Domes; Structural Optimization under Wind Loads
  9. Ductility-Based Design of High-Rise Buildings Under Wind Loads
  • Two Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF), 11 PhD Students, and four MSc Students are currently working on the above research projects.
  • The projects are supported by various industries and/or government agencies including the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) and the MITACS program.
  • Many projects involve international research collaborations.
  • Total number of trained HQP lifetime: 14 PDFs, 35 PhD Students and 24 MSc Students.