Sample Engineering Consulting Projects

  1. Analysis and Design of Buildings
    Designed a large number of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Canada and in the Middle East ranging between single storey and sixty-storey buildings. These include:
    • Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario- 6 Stories
    • Hampton Inn Hotel- Niagara Falls- 52 Stories
    • South Building- Niagara Falls- 60 Stories
    • North Building-Niagara Falls- 30 Stories
    • Holiday Inn Hotel- Timmins Ontario, 10 Stories
    • Monaco Building- Toronto Ontario, 16 Stories
    • Hamilton Residence, Hamilton, Ontario
    • Travelodge Hotel, Burlington, Ontario, 13 Stories
    • Canador College, North Bay, Ontario, 7 Stories
  2. Wind Climatology Study for Two Power Generation Plants in Egypt
    Meteorological site analyses were performed to evaluate the expected wind conditions and propose design wind speeds for Cairo West and Domietta Power Stations in Egypt.

  3. Seismic Analysis and Design of a Hyperbolic Water Tower, city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
    Developed detailed finite element model for the tank. Seismic analysis was performed taking into account the hydrodynamic pressure resulting from seismic excitations. The sloshing wave motion was predicted.

  4. Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower, Buckage Power Inc, USA.
    Developed a three-dimensional finite element model; evaluated the dynamic characteristics of the shell structure; conducted detailed stress analysis under wind loads resulting from wind tunnel tests.

  5. Stress Analysis of Electrical Poles, Telus, Canada
    Stress analysis for a large number of wood poles under wind and ice loads were conducted using a finite element program developed in-house. Poles were re-designed to sustain extra loads resulting from the addition of fiber optic cables.

  6. Finite Element Analysis and Modelling of Various Applications:
    • Evaluation of the Performance of Insulated Reinforced Concrete Slabs as Component of the TTC Tunnels under the Effect of fire, TTC, Toronto.

    • Analysis and Evaluation of Moment Distribution Factors for Precast Concrete Slabs under Uniform and Truck Loads, Coldstream Concrete, London, Ontario.

    • Finite Element Analysis of PVC Pipes with V-Shaped Webs, Contech Construction Products, Inc., USA.

    • Finite Element Analysis of Cardboard Houses, Durakit Shelters Inc., Canada.

    • Finite Element Analysis of Masonry Walls, Concert Hall, Centre of Performance Arts, Philadelphia, USA.

    • Finite Element Analysis of Fibre Reinforced Plastic-HDPE Pipe Fittings Manufactured by KWH Pipe, C

    • Finite Element Analysis of Pipe Joints, IPEX Canada
  7. Structural Analysis of Pipe Supports for a Nuclear Power Plant Located in South Korea.

  8. Dynamic Testing and Vibration Measurements
    • Evaluation of the Seismic Performance and Dynamic Characteristics of the Fred Hartman Cable- Stayed Bridge Located at Houston Texas Using Numerical Modelling and Full-Scale Ambient Vibration Testing.

    • Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Durakit shelters Using Shake Table Testing and Finite Element Modelling.