Research Interests

Tailor-made nanosystem refers to the integration of different components/materials at nanoscale which can show multi-functional and unique properties. Rational design and fabrication of such hetero-nanostructures are vital to breaking the boundaries of traditional technologies. Dr. Jin Zhang’s research interests lie in producing hetero-nanostructures with special magnetic, optical, electronic, and mechanical properties. The Zhang group has been exploring different hetero-nanostructures (from zero-dimensional to three-dimensional hetero-nanostructures) to various applications, e.g. sensors, biomedical devices, spintronic devices, etc.

Below are the major research themes of the Zhang Group

Development of Top-down and Bottom-up Processes for Fabrication of New Nanostructured Materials


  1. Laser-assisted process for hybrid nanocomposites film deposition
  2. Wet chemical reaction



Multifunctional Nanocomposite-based Chemical- and Bio-sensors

  • Non-invasive glucose sensor

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 91, 393–399 (2017)

  • Non-invasive Sensors by Using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer

Self-illumination Sensor for Detecting Thrombin

Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 77, 83-89 (2016) 

Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 15,59-63, (2017)

  • Miniaturized and Sensitive Sensors for Bacterial Detection
bacterial capture
RSC Advances. 3, 2390-2397 (2013)

Biomimetic Nanostructures Used for Inhibiting the Growth of Biofilm

Nanopillars on a flexible substrate nanopillars.jpg

Nanoscale Research Letters. 10:106 (2015)

Journal of Materials Chemistry B. (2015)


Multifunctional Nanoparticles Used for Theranostic System


Cancer Nanotechnology. 8:10 (2017)

Journal of Biomaterials Applications. 31(7), 1087–1096 (2017)

My Research Group

Current Group
  • Songlin Yang (Graduate Student)
  • Eugene Hwang (Graduate Student)
  • Jisu Song (Graduate Student)
  • Yingqi Zhang (Graduate Student)
  • Chao Lu (Graduate Student)
  • Inara Ramji (Undergraduate, NSERC USRA)

Opportunities in My Group

Are you Interested in working on nanotechnology & biomaterials engineering? Please contact Dr. Zhang for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc positions in the Lab for Multifunctional Nanocomposites.


  • Dr. Xueqin Zhao (Visiting Professor)
  • Aditya Balaji (M.E.Sc)
  • Dr. Yi Chen (PDF, Scientist in New Zealand)
  • Dr. Andrew Tse (PhD, NSERC CGS-D)
  • Guobang Huang (M.E. Sc)
  • Dr. Longyan Chen (PDF, R&D Engineering Scientist)
  • Dr. Longyi Chen (PhD)
  • Horace Wu (Undergraduate)
  • Dr. Longyang Chen (PhD)
  • Vishnuvardhana Wuppaladhodi (M.E.Sc.)
  • Robert Bi (M.E.Sc.)
  • Dr. Lingyun Hao (Visiting Professor)
  • Pei Yin (M.E.Sc.)
  • Dr. Hong Hai (RA)
  • Ashely Ling (co-supervised, AMBI Undergraduate Research Award)
  • Rahul Sharma (co-supervised, 2012 CGS/Allergan BestStudent Award,Canadian Glaucoma Society)
  • Mike Tsui (Undergraduate)
  • Helen lockhart(Undergraduate)
  • Anu Thomas (M.E.Sc.)
  • Adrienne Willoughby(Undergraduate)
  • Elvy Camesha(Undergraduate)
  • Dr. Jiaxin Li (Post-doctoral Fellow, Scientist)
  • Mumin Md Abdul (M.E.Sc.)
  • Kazi Farida Akhter (M.E.Sc.,co-supervised)
  • Kevin Luzak (NSERC USRA)
  • Dr. Jing Hua (visiting Professor,co-supervised)
  • Willoughby Adrienne (NSERC USRA)
  • Yongsheng Zhang (Researcher)
  • Xueru Zhang (Researcher)
  • Taylor Davis(Undergraduate, co-supervised)

Research Funding

Research funded by NSERC, Centre Foundation for Innovation, Province of Ontario, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Grand Challenges Canada.