Jin Zhang


Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, NUS, Singapore (2003)
NSERC VF, National Research Council Canada (2003-2005)
NSERC PDF, Molecular & Cellular Medicine, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada (2006-2007)

Dr. Zhang’s expertise and research interests include the design, processing, surface modification, and characterization of nanocomposites for the applications in the fields of bioengineering and sustainable energy.

The goal of the Multifunctional Nanocomposites Lab (MNL) led by Dr. Zhang at Western is to develop multifunctional nanomaterials used for advanced devices in various fields.

Currently, the research activities of the Zhang group focus on developing advanced nanomaterials with enhanced chemical, magnetic, and optical properties. Five research directions in the Zhang group include (1) multifunctional nanocomposites-processing & properties, (2) theranostics, (3) protein and chemical sensor, (4) spintronics, (5) non-invasive detection.


Nov. 2017                                Outstanding Mid-Career Achievement in Nanoscience and

                                              Nanotechnology in Ontario, NanoOntario

April 2014                                Early Researcher Award, Ontario

March 2012                              Honored on List of Women Innovators Making a Difference in Global

                                              Health, International Women’s Day.

July 2011                                 Grand Challenges Canada-Canadian Rising Stars in Global Health

August 2010                            Keynote speech, the International Conference on Nanotechnology

May 2010                                 ARVO International Travel Grant

Member of Editorial Boards

  • Associate Editor, IEEE transaction on nanobioscience
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials