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DR. YOUSSEF'S research interests lie in the general area of Structural Engineering. His main fields of expertise are Seismic Behaviour and Fire Resilience of Concrete Structures.

Dr. Youssef has developed his own models that have the distinctive ability of predicting the progress of failure in concrete structures. These models are being used by his research group to evaluate the seismic capacity of existing structures, to develop suitable rehabilitation schemes, and to assess the fire resilience of concrete structures.

Dr. Youssef’s research activities have significantly expanded to include the use of smart materials in civil structures. Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) is being utilized to minimize damage of concrete structures during earthquakes and to upgrade the seismic capacity of concrete structures.

Other research projects, undertaken by Dr. Youssef and his research group, include development of design guidelines for modular steel structures (pre-engineered buildings). During his work as a senior structural engineer in New York City, Dr. Youssef designed several modular structures. The lack of design codes for such structures results either in conservative or unsafe designs. Using his industrial experience, he is leading his research group to develop design guidelines for such structures.

Research Interests