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Current Group

Member Position Period Title
Ebrike, Emad Ph.D. Candidate 2014-Present Utilizing Shape Memory Alloys in Midrise and High-rise Buildings.
Ilomame, Murad Ph.D. Candidate 2018-Present

Resilience of Reinforced Concrete Frames Exposed to Simultaneous Seismic and Fire Events

Khalifa, Mokhtar MESc Candidate 2016-Present Flexural Design of Stainless-Steel Reinforced Concrete Elements
Kuehnen, Robert
MESc Candidate 2018-Present Flexural Capacity of Fire-Exposed Elements Considering Realistic Fire Scenarios
Ajjan Alhadid, M. Monir Mitacs PDF 2016-Present


Supervised PhD Students

Student/Advisors Years Title Known Position
Abushagur, Mustafa
Chief Advisor: Dr. El Damatty
2002- 2004 Enhancement of Flexural Capacity of Steel Beams using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer. Assistant Professor, Libya
Rahman, Mizanur
Chief Advisor: Dr. El Damatty
2002- 2007  The use of Tuned Liquid Dampers to Enhance the Seismic Performance of Concrete Rigid Frame Buildings.

Bridge Specialist, Alberta Transportation, Canada

Alam, M. Shahria
Chief Advisor: Dr. Nehdi
2005- 2008 Utilizing Shape Memory Alloys to Enhance the Seismic Performance of RC Beam-Column Joints.

Associate Professor, UBC Okanagan, Canada

Annan, Charles
Co-advisor: Dr. El Naggar
2003- 2008 Applicability of Traditional Design Procedures to Modular Steel Buildings.

Associate Professor, Laval University, Canada

Moftah, Mohamed
Chief Advisor: Dr. El Damatty
2003- 2008 Numerical Modelling and Performance of Reinforced Concrete Members under Fire Condition. Deceased
Elfeki, Mahmoud 2006- 2010  Seismic Performance of Steel and Shape Memory Alloy Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings.

Assistant Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt

El-Fitiany, Salah 2008- 2013 Simplified Tools for Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Frames Exposed to Fire.

Structural Engineer, AMEC Americas Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

Adawi, Aiham 2008-2015 Shear and Peel Stresses at the Interface between Hollowcore Slabs and the Topping Concrete

Assistant Professor, Western University, Canada

Sultana, Papia 2012-2016 Enhancing Seismic Performance of Steel Structures Utilizing Shape Memory Alloys

EIT, Ontario, Canada

Ajjan Alhadid, M. Monir 2012-2016 Structural Performance of Retrofitted Fire-Damaged RC Members.

Mitacs PDF, Western University, Canada

Elbay, Yamen 2010-2018 Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Elements Retrofitted using External Unbonded Superelastic Shape Memory Alloy Bars

EIT, Ontario


Supervised MESc Students

Student Years Title Known Position

Ahmed, Mahmoud
Co-advisor: Dr. El Naggar

2002-2004 Monotonic and Cyclic Behaviour of Helical Pile Connectors. Lecturer, Assiut University, Egypt
Chowdhury, Abu Obayed 2005-2007 Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates. Structural Engineer, Canada
Elfitiany, Salah 2006-2008 Assessing the Capacity of Fire-Damaged Elements Using Sectional Analysis. Ph.D Candadiate, Western University
Elbahy, Yamen
Co-advisor: Dr. Nehdi
2006-2008 Flexural Design of Shape Memory Alloy Reinforced Concrete Sections for Strength and Serviceability Requirements. Ph.D Candadiate, Western University
Ing, Ty
Chief Advisor: Dr. El Naggar
2008-2010 Application of URETEK Polymers for Upgrading the Seismic Resistance of Unreinforced Masonry Structures.

Technical Specialist, Defence Construction Canada

Diab, Mohamed 2011-2014 Shear Behaviour of Concrete Beams during Fire Events. EIT, Entuitive, Calgary, Alberta

Supervised MEng Projects

Student Years Title Known Position

Atwe, Jad
Co-advisor: Dr. Adawi

2015 Effect of Creep on the Composite Behavior of Hollowcore Slabs with Topping Concrete EIT, Ontario


Supervised Undergraduate Research Students

Student Years Title Known Position

Van Harberden, Dwayne

2003-2004 Interaction Between Floor And Ceiling Beams In Modular Steel Structures
Engineering Manager, Stubbe's Precast, Kitchener, ON

Robitaille, Shari
Co-advisor: Dr. Bartlett

2006-2007 Evaluation of Prestress Losses during Pretensioning Teacher, London, ON
Gebara, Karim 2007-2008 A Simplified Guide To Section B-3 of 2006 Ontario Building Code: Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility Structural Engineer, Canada
Carney, Mark 2007-2008 Behaviour of Confined Concrete Members Reinforced with Shape Memory Alloys Structural Engineer, Western Mechanical Electrical Millwright Services Ltd., Barrie, ON

Hayhoe, William
1st Place in CEE Research Thesis Competition

2012-2014 Structural Performance of RC Walls during Exposure to Fire EIT, Dillon Consulting Limited, London, ON
Lee, Victor
1st Place in CEE Research Thesis Competition
2014-2015 Lap Splices Versus Mechanical Couplers: an Experimental Evaluation MSc Candidate, Imperial College


Supervised visiting students and researchers

Student Position at Western Years Title Current Position
Ghaffarzadehm Hosein
co-advisor: Dr. Nehdi
Visiting Ph.D. Student 2004-2005 Seismic Performance of RC Frames with Concentric Internal Steel Bracing. Assistant Professor, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
Elfeki, Mahmoud Visiting Ph.D. Student 2005-2006 Response of RC Framed Structures under Three-Component Seismic Excitations Assistant Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt
Mashaly, Mohamed Visiting Ph.D. Student 2008-2009 Seismic Behaviour of SMA-Braced Reinforced Concrete Frames Assistant Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt
Mashaly, Mohamed Visiting Academic Researcher



Multiple Projects Assistant Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt