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Reserach Supporters

  • Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Ontario Innovation Trust
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • The University of Western Ontario
  • The Product Care Association
  • Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE)
  • The Cement Association of Canada
  • The Lindbergh Foundation
  • The City of London
  • Hassan Steel Limited
  • Cellufoam Concrete Systems
  • Thiessen Team Manufacturing
  • Lafarge Cement
  • St Lawrence Cement
  • Blue Circle Cement
  • Master Builders

Reserach Facilities

Graduate Student Supervision

Name Degree Topic Enrolled/
L. Zhang
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Topic being developed 2017 -
S. Wong
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Development of Novel Fibre Reinforced Lined Precast Pipe 2017 -
Zaynab Rahal MESc Splitting tensile strength of hybrid steel-synthetic fiber reinforced concrete 2016 - 17
G. El Sayed
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Framework for precast-wall building design and system optimization. 2014 -
T. Omar
(Chief Advisor
Ph.D Management system for ageing bridges using infrared thermography 2014 -
A. Suleiman
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Self-healing ecological cementitious composites 2015 -
M.A. Seyed
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Impact behaviour of engineered cementitious composites with shape memory alloys 2014 - 17
D. Provost MESc Exploring connections in precast concrete walls 2014- 16
S. Alfayez MESc Novel green pavements with high recycled content 2014-
M. Najjar
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Pre-placed concrete for green pavements 2012 - 2016
A. Suleiman MESc Combined damage mechanisms in offshore concrete structures 2012- 14
M. Nedal
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Fibre-reinforced concrete pipes 2011- 2015
S. Abbas
(Chief Advisor)
Ph.D Durability of concrete tunnel lining segments 2011- 2014
M. Delavar MESc Mitigating strength decay in high-alumina cements 2011-12
S. Black MESc High alumina cements 2011-12
J. Camiletti MESc Nano-limestone in concrete 2010-11
S. Kanani MESc Green roofing membranes 2010-11
M. Mogaddas MESc FRP rebar development length 2009-10
A. Arif MESc Green roofing membranes 2008-09
N. Mohamed
(Chief Advisor)
PhD   2010
A. Soliman
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Early-age behaviour of ultra high-performance concrete 2007
H. Nikopur
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Novel smart and green materials 2007
T. Greenough
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Shear capacity of SCC slender beams.  Student is an NSERC scholar 2006
M.S. Alam
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Use of shape memory alloys in seismic rehabilitation of RC frams 2005
Yamen El Bahy
MESc Behaviour of RC with new corrosion resistant reinforcement 2006
A. Shahriar
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Development of high-performance oil well cements 2005
I. Hussein
MESc Microstructure and development of a pozzolan from rice straw ash 2006
M.T. Bassuoni
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Integrated durability testing for sulphate attack in concrete 2004
S. Al Martini
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Rheology of SCC in hot weather and effective use of admixtures 2004
Z. Omeman
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Shear behaviour of FRP-reinforced deep beams 2005-2007
M. Abdul-R
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Recycling waste latex paint in concrete:  performance and durability 2005-2007
A. Tariq
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Stabilizing sulphidic mine tailings using cement kiln dust 2004-2006
M. Amin
(Chief Advisor)
MEng Durability of SCC to sulphuric acid 2005-2006
H. El Chabib
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Artificial intelligence modeling of properties of special concretes 2002-2005
Esam Hewayde
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Durability of concrete pipes to sulphuric acid 2002-2004
A. Said
(Chief Advisor)
PhD Rehabilitation of RC beam-column joints 2001-2004
M. Sakr
PhD Drivability and performance of FRP-concrete hybrid piles 2000-2003
J. Duquette
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Fibre-reinforced self-consolidating concrete 2002-2003
A. Rahman
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Rheology of cement pastes 2002-2003
M. Elhayek
(Chief Advisor)
MEng Sulphate attack in concrete 2002-2003
R. Rehan
(Chief Advisor)
MESc System dynamics model for sustainable cement and concrete 2001-2003
A. Khan
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Flexible interface materials for precast tunnel linings 2000-2002
H. El Chabib
(Chief Advisor)
MESc Self-consolidating concrete confined in FRP tubes 2000-2002
R. Rahimi
(Chief Advisor)
MESc High-performance concrete with rice husk ash 2000-2002