Recent Publications (Journal Articles)

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Selected Recent conference Publications

  1. Filler, R., Dagnew, M., Goel, R. and Gauld, G. (2018). Assessing impact of variable alpha factors on dynamic simulation of full scale WWRF aeration. WRRMod2018, Lac Beauport, Quebec.

  2. Mehrabi, S., Dagnew, M., Houweling, D. (2018). Impact of MABR biofilm scouring on startup of mainstream nitritation process. WEAO 2018 technical conference, London, Ontario.

  3. Dong, Tianchen, Shewa, W., Gauld, G, Dagnew, M. (2018). Enhancing Primary Treatment Process Using Ferric Coagulant And Polymer For Carbon Redirection: A Case Study Of Vauxhall Waste Water Treatment Plant. 4th IWA Specialized International Conference "Eco- technologies for Wastewater Treatment (ecoSTP) 2018“, London, Ontario

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