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CRC Area of Focus

Research Interests

Multi-scale, multi-physics experimental and computational modeling of wind effects on the built-environment

Specific Interests

  • Wind load,
  • WindEEE Dome,
  • boundary layer wind tunnel,
  • computational fluid dynamics,
  • hurricane, tornado, downburst,
  • building, solar panel, wind turbine, building science,
  • wind-driven ventilation,
  • green (vegetated) roofs,
  • wind-driven rain,
  • snow loading,
  • structural dynamics, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity.

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My Research Group

My team's main research objective focuses on enhancing performance of new and existing civil infrastructure (such as buildings, green and energy infrastructure) for environmental loads such as hurricane, tornado and downbursts under the constraints of sustainability. Working towards better understanding of complex wind/built-environment interactions to develop practical wind damage mitigation solutions through a combination of experimental WindEEE (large-scale), The Insurance Research Lab for Better Homes (IRLBH -- full-scale), and Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory (BLWTL--model-scale), as well as computational research (Computational Fluid Dynamics --CFD at Sharcnet). Other areas of interest include application of wind engineering and building science principles towards achieving built-environment sustainability goals.

Current Research Team Members

Former team members at FIU