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The Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute is a direct result of the strong background in Wind Engineering at Western and recognition of new opportunities. These opportunities relate to the emergence of the WindEEE Dome facility and to extensive collaborations this mega-project has generated internally (among many Faculties) and with external partners.

The formation of the WindEEE Institute is justified by an impressive combination of infrastructure, research collaboration and external support, and motivated by the need for interdisciplinary research.

At the Institute level, these key aspects have the potential to grow and to help form a new cohesive Western entity at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

The main objective of the WindEEE Institute will be to form the basis for world-class collaborative research and applications in the area of wind research. As previously discussed, WindEEE’s research areas correspond to two of the main signature research areas at Western: Wind Engineering & Natural Disaster Mitigation, and Environmental Sustainability & Green Energy.

As a world-class, research-intensive Institute, WindEEE will attract high-caliber international researchers and top graduate and undergraduate students from across the world. In this manner, the Institute will play a leading role in helping Western accomplish its mandates related to internationalization.

The WindEEE Institute will also be a key player in developing vital partnerships with the City of London, the region of Southwestern Ontario and both governmental and non-governmental organizations. WindEEE will be at the heart of the new Advanced Manufacturing Park and will serve as the core of long-term partnerships with regional, national and international institutions.

Artistic concept of WindEEE Dome - not for scale or for construction

The WindEEE Dome, the world’s first hexagonal wind tunnel, represents a technological breakthrough in the study of wind-related phenomena as it has the capability of physically simulating high intensity wind systems – including tornados, downbursts, gust fronts or low-level nocturnal currents – that cannot be created in any of the existing wind tunnels.

The $23.6-million facility will be used to understand the impact of these local storms on buildings and structures, wind turbines, forests and crops. It will also improve the positioning and design of wind farms and study pollutant and contaminant dispersal.

| WindEEE Research Institute | Wind Research @ Western |

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