Engineering Awards of Recognition

Courtney Harper, Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering; Duane Jacques, Assistant Professor and Student Shops Advisor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering; and Michael Boutilier, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering are the recipients of the Engineering Award of Recognition for 2022.

While Awards of Excellence are designed to recognize exceptional commitment and success that typically occurs over a period of several years, the Faculty of Engineering realizes there are outstanding accomplishments by faculty and staff that deserve more immediate recognition.

These accomplishments should not be overlooked in terms of importance. Whether made by individuals or groups, these initiatives form the basis for our future development. These initiatives can be ones that enhance morale, can improve operations, positively influence our image and/or contribute to the strategic development of the Faculty.

Western Engineering awards of recognition have been designed as a means to acknowledge exceptional contributions to Western Engineering by faculty and/or staff within a particular year (January 1 – December 31). These awards consist of recognition on a plaque, as well as a plaque/gift and a certificate for the winner(s), presented at the annual awards banquet.

Past recipients:

  • Kristen Edwards Graduate Officer, Dean’s Office (2021)
  • Michelle Wagler - Electrical & Computer Engineering (2021)
  • Hui Zhang - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (2021)
  • ITG (2020)
  • Kelly Sexsmith, Career Services Officer, Dean's Office (2019)
  • Glen Armstrong - Facilities Development and Engineering, Western University (2017)
  • Paul Schmidt - Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (2016)
  • Ingrid Timusk, Undergraduate Affairs Coordinator for the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (2015)
  • The CBE International  Team (Zach, Margaret, Grace, Kibret, Jesse) (2015)
  • Katherine Albion - Bowman Center at Western-Sarnia-Lampton Research Park (2014)
  • Western Engineering Caretaking Team (Sedina, Margaret, Georgina and Nada) (2012)
  • Melissa Gordon - Research & Development Services (2011)
  • Diana Lee - Research & Graduate Office (2010)
  • Chris Vandelaar - University Machine Services (2010)
  • Mike Gaylard – Dean’s Office (2009)
  • Mike Dejager – Physical Plant (2009)
  • Fred Keenan – Civil & Environmental Engineering (2008)
  • Don Hewson – The Bioindustiral Innovation Centre, Research Park (2007)
  • Jagath Samarabandu – Electrical & Computer Engineering ( 2006)
  • Western Engineering Tim Horton’s Staff (Gill, Sally, Cam, Ana) (2006)
  • Horia Hangan – Civil & Environmental Engineering (2005)
  • Cynthia Dunning – Mechanical & Materials Engineering (2005)
  • Jan Shepherd McKee – Undergraduate Services (2005)
  • Chantal Gloor – Dean’ s Office (2003)
  • Mike Gaylard – Dean’s Office (2001)

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the Engineering Awards of Recognition (Faculty and Staff).