Occupational Health & Safety

Committee Members

Wilbert Logan
Civil and Environmental Engineering Technical Rep.
Room: SEB 20
Phone: Ext. 88286

Souheil Afara
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Technical Rep.
Room: SEB 1081C
Phone: Ext. 88457

Lyudmil Marinov
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technical Rep.
Room: TEB 263
Phone: Ext. 88332

Stephen Mallinson
Engineering Financial Services Rep.
Room: TEB 40
Phone: Ext. 82128

Chris Vandelaar
University Machine Services Rep.
Room: TEB 50
Phone: Ext. 80281

Gerry Dafoe
Boundary Layer Windtunnel Rep.
Room: BLWT 134
Phone: Ext. 88149

Lars Rehman
Faculty Member (2 year term to June 30, 2013)
Room: TEB 459
Phone: Ext. 89008

Craig Miller
Faculty Member (2 year term to June 30, 2014)
Room: BLWT 110
Phone: Ext. 88529

Sue Chapman
Administrative Staff Rep.
Room: SEB 2008B
Phone: Ext. 83102

Mike Gaylard
Associate Director Facilities
Room: CMLP 1301
Phone: Ext. 88292
Cell: 519-617-0958

Anne Marie McCusker
Health and Safety Resource Person
Room: SSB 4190
Phone: Ext. 84741

Andrew Hrymak
Dean of Engineering
Room: SEB 2008B-1
Phone: Ext. 82128

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