Please note that the below award information is updated annually in July/August. For more information, please contact Office of the Dean.

L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal

Western Engineering initiated the L.S. Lauchland Engineering Alumni Medal in 1976 to mark the retirement of Professor L. Stuart Lauchland, past President of the A.P.E.O. The Committee inaugurated a series of medals to be presented annually unless it decides that in a particular year no suitable nominations have been received. Western Engineering alumni, faculty and staff are invited to submit nominations for this award each year.

Past recipients:

  • 2017 Mr. Brian Bonnick BESc'81
  • 2016 Mr. Marvin DeVries MEng'83
  • 2015 Mr. Michael Andrade, BESc’86
  • 2014 Mr. Bruce Ross, BESc'85
  • 2013 Mr. Hanny Hassan, BESc'64
  • 2012 Mr. James Douglas (J.D.) Hole, BESc'67
  • 2011 Mr. Keith Stevens, BESc'70, MESc'71
  • 2009 Ms. Sarah Shortreed, BESc'89
  • 2008 Ms. Catherine Karakatsanis, BESc'83 MESc'91
  • 2007 Mr. Boris Jackman, BESc'72
  • 2006 Mr. Charles Ruigrok, BESc'78, MESc'84
  • 2005 Mr. Keith Zerebecki, BESc'72, MEng.'73
  • 2004 Dr. G.S. Peter Castle, BESc'61, PhD'69
  • 2003 Mr. Ted Aziz, BESc'60
  • 2002 Mr. Douglas Muzyka, BESc'77, MESc.'78, PhD'85
  • 2001 Mr. John Jardine, BESc'65
  • 1999 Mr. John Westeinde, BESc'62
  • 1998 Mr. Henry Yip, BESc'73
  • 1997 Mr. Jack McBain, BESc'66
  • 1994 Mr. Bill Etherington, BESc'63
  • 1991 Mr. Ron Yamada, BESc'64
  • 1990 Mr. Brian Hewat, BESc'59
  • 1989 Mr. John Thompson, BESc'66
  • 1986 Mr. Peter C. Maurice, BESc'60
  • 1984 Dr. John R. Grace, BESc'65
  • 1982 Mr. Steven Killing, BESc'72
  • 1981 Mr. Carl Erik Kohn, BESc'64
  • 1979 Dr. Michael Owen Toll, BESc'68
  • 1977 Dr. Ross Leonard Judd, BESc'58

Western University Awards

Western's Alumni Association administers an annual awards program that recognizes alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their professions or communities. The accomplishments of Western's alumni around the world bring credit and recognition to their Alma Mater. In return, the Alumni Awards of Merit program seeks to identify exceptional alumni and celebrate their achievements.

An Awards Selection Committee carefully reviews all nominations for the four prestigious awards. Recipients are invited to attend an awards banquet during Homecoming weekend to be recognized by Western and fellow alumni. Each receives an elegant Alumni Award of Merit recognition piece as a keepsake and their name is listed permanently on a plaque in Alumni Hall.

Dr. Ivan Smith Award

The Dr. Ivan Smith Award is named in honour of the Alumni Association's first president, who was also a pioneer in cancer research and treatment. This award is Alumni Western's highest tribute, recognizing significant and sustained contributions to the Alumni Association, Western University and society. (more)

Past recipient(s):

  • 2003 - Peter C. Maurice, BESc’60

Professional Achievement Award

The Professional Achievement Award recognizes superior achievement in a professional field. The recipient is a role model for newcomers and sets standards of excellence to which others can aspire. (more)

Past recipient(s):

    • 2004 - Alan Macnab, BESc'72
    • 2003 - Dan Thorsley, BSc’65, PhD’72
    • 2002 - Leo Behie, BEng'68, MEng'69, PhD'72
    • 2001 - John Ross Grace, BESc'65

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni award recognizes significant contributions by an individual in their field of endeavor, whether through professional achievement or community service. The recipient is aged 40 or under, and sets an inspirational example for future young alumni. (more)

Past recipient(s):

  • 2003 - Jeffrey Westeinde, BESc’98
  • 1999 - Sarah Shortreed, BESc'89
  • 1995 - Stewart T. Lockhart, BESc'87