Dean's Waiver Appeal

A student who does not satisfy the minimum Progression Requirements for continuation of study at Western or did not meet the conditions of probation, will be Required to Withdraw from the Faculty of Engineering for a minimum of twelve months.

Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements

A student who has been Required to Withdraw from the University and whose academic standing has been jeopardized by serious medical or personal difficulties may if they have sought academic accommodation in a timely manner, apply for a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements. A student granted a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements must meet the specific conditions imposed in the Dean's Waiver. 


What do I do?

  1. Download the Dean's Waiver Form  and read through the instructions
  2. Begin writing your appeal letter. For help writing your appeal letter, please scroll to the bottom of the page for resources. 
  3. Gather any supporting documentation you may have available to support your appeal. 
  4. Please fill out the Engineering Student Appeals Form. Your appeal letter, Dean's Waiver form and supporting documentation can be attached directly to the form.  

When is it due?

All submissions must be received by June 30th yearly.  

What should my letter contain?

  • Strengths: Describe something you are proud of that occured over the course of the past academic year
  • Challenges: In your own words, please describe the factors that contributed to your academic difficulties, including specific dates and timetlines as appropriate. (refer to the resources at the bottom of the page for help constructing a timeline)
  • Making use of resources: What steps did you take to minimize the impact of the problems on your academic work? (Include use of any resources on or off campus). In hindsight, is there anything you could have done differently?
  • Academic Self Assessment: During the academic year - what percentage of classes did you attend in each course? What assignments in each courses did you fail to hand in - what was the reason?
  • Prepare a future academic plan: You plan must include:
    • Your undergraduate Degree Objective and, if you are in first year, the Engineering program you wish to be registered in for the upcoming academic year. 
    • The specific courses you wish to take in the coming year. Be realistic about your plan. 
    • Your current strenghts that can be engaged. What resources on campus are you committed to using to ensure academic success in the coming year. 

How do I find out the result of my appeal? 

You will receive an email to your UWO account containing a letter informing you of the outcome of your appeal. Upper year students will recieve a response from the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), and first year students will recieve a response from the Assistant Dean, First Year Studies.  

Important things to know:

  • Any questions or concerns regarding the appeals procedure in the Faculty of Engineering should be referred to the Undergraduate Services Office -
  • Summer courses are not included in the fall/winter year weighted average for progression requirements, unless you are registered in the Extended First Year Program (EXFY) approved by your Academic Advisor.
  • Should your Dean's waiver be approved, credit shall be retained for courses in which you obtain a mark of 60% or better in that year. Any courses from that year with a mark below 60% shall be repeated.  

Support Resources:

Office of the Ombudsperson

You may also call, email or schedule an appointment with the Ombudsperson's office for guidance. Click HERE for contact information.