Main Shop Guideline Document - PDF

Shop Rules

  • All users must have adequate and up to date training
  • Report all safety concerns to a supervising technician
  • No user shall work alone in any work space
  • No horseplay, contests or feats of strength permitted
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required
    • Safety glasses must be worn at all times
    • Long pants must be worn in all shops, labs and workspaces
    • Appropriate footwear must be worn in all workshop areas
      • Closed toe shoes in all cases - No flip flops or open toe shoes
      • Certified steel toe shoes or approved slip on safety toe caps must be worn in CMLP 54 (machine shop) at all time and in all other areas whenever a foot hazard is present
    • Additional PPE must be used as required by the situation
    • Additional PPE must be worn by all users present

Housekeeping Rules

  • All resources will be in as good or better condition than when found by each user
  • All tools and work areas must be clean and tidy at all times
  • No mess will be left overnight
    • Untidy working conditions will be met with a "stop work" order until the area has been tidied up
  • No tools will be removed from any work area
    • All tools must be returned to original location after each use
  • All materials brought into the space must be removed - Do not leave scraps behind
    • All materials left in the shop must be labeled and dated otherwise they could be disposed of
  • All machinery must be cleaned after each use in accordance with "Machine Tool Care.doc"

Rule Violations:

Rule violations will be dealt with on a per instance basis. Penalties may include but are not limited to removal of shop privileges depending on severity and are up to the discretion of the Student Shop Manager and/or other designate including but not limited to Associate Deans where required. In instances where Extended Use agreements are in place, penalties may extend to the associated team depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operation procedures exist for all tools and common practices found in the student shops. An SOP may be requested for any process or tool by contacting the Student Shop Manager.

MSDS and SDS Forms

Chemical Rating Guide - UWO

Shop Manuals

These DO NOT constitue trainning

Safety Inspection Checklist