• Alumnus helps millions make memories with group video platform, Memento

    Western Engineering News, November 09, 2021

    Zamir Khan, MESc ’07, could have never anticipated that, what started out as a fun way to celebrate his mother’s 70th birthday, would soon turn into a start up with over five million users from over 150 countries.

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  • Western Engineering awards new diversity-focused fellowship

    Western News, November 01, 2021

    “As a Black woman in engineering, peers who look like me are few and far between.” Emma Donnelly, MESc’20, and PhD candidate in biomedical engineering, received one of the first Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowships to be awarded by Western Engineering.

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  • Patch could give new life to weak heart

    Western News, September 30, 2021

    A new cardiac patch developed by a collaborative team co-led by Western University is just the stuff that could get your blood pumping – literally. The ultra-flexible cardiac patch, designed by Western Engineering professor Kibret Mequanint and his collaborators at the University of Manitoba, may one day be used to restore function to a damaged heart following a cardiac arrest.

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  • Top 10 women leading healthcare startups

    By Leila Hawkins, Healthcare Global, September 10, 2021

    Dr Asha Parekh is the co-founder and CEO of Front Line Medical Technologies, a medical device company. It recently developed the COBRA-OS™, which helps front line medics control bleeding in emergency situations. Born in Canada, Parekh has a PhD in biomedical engineering with a specialty in biomaterials and medical devices. She has several patents and publications to her name, and has secured multiple grants and funding for her projects.

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  • Province announces $2.6M for novel 3D imaging research

    Western News, July 19, 2021

    Medical biophysicist Aaron Fenster is getting a $2.65-million boost for his imaging research lab through the Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence.

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  • Life-saving snake venom

    Western News, July 14, 2021

    Researchers create reptile-derived ‘super glue’ that stops bleeding in seconds using visible light.

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  • Improving antiepileptic drug delivery

    Western News, July 07, 2021

    Research is underway at Western that can help improve antiepileptic drug delivery through optimized dosing.

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  • 12 Western scientists and scholars named Canada Research Chairs

    Western News, June 15, 2021

    Twelve Western researchers – who delve into mysteries as deep as the human mind and as vast as the universe itself – have been named Canada Research Chairs as they bolster their place among the top scholars and scientists in their fields.

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  • New tool helps cochlear implant patients hear with improved clarity

    CTV News, May 31, 2021

    Advancements in cochlear implant research at Western University might just be music to the ears to the deaf or hard of hearing.

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  • Feature: Engaging the community in cancer research

    Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, May 01, 2021

    The Canadian Cancer Society’s Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT) was created to spread the word about the progress and promise of cancer research. Established in London in 2010, RIOT has since grown into a national network of trainees and community members. The London RIOT team recently launched a blog, called News and Views, to showcase cancer research taking place locally and provide trainees with an opportunity to write about research in an accessible and compelling way. We spoke to Madeleine Van de Kleut, PhD’20, MSc'21 (CAMPEP) ...

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  • Alumna creates groundbreaking medical device to control blood loss

    Western Engineering News, April 06, 2021

    Passion, motivation, and taking calculated risks are all inherent parts of an entrepreneurial mindset. Western Engineering alumna Asha Parekh (BESc’07, MESc’11, PhD’15) never planned on co-founding medical device company Front Line Medical Technologies, but she was willing to take the risk of transitioning to entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back since.

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  • BME grad and alumnus place top two at Mayo Clinic competition

    Western News, March 03, 2021

    Last month, students from all over North America competed virtually in the inaugural Mayo Clinic Innovation Sprint — a competition meant to foster collaboration among business, IT and clinical professionals in a 24-hour effort to solve problems and develop solutions.

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  • Medical device to manage blood loss approved by Health Canada

    Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, March 01, 2021

    After a traumatic injury from an event such as a car crash or industrial accident, many patients die from blood loss before even entering the operating room. If health-care providers can keep the blood that wasn’t lost through the injury flowing to the heart and the brain, the chances of survival are dramatically increased. This was the aim of Dr. Adam Power, a vascular surgeon who regularly confronts these types of injuries on the operating room table, and biomedical engineer and Western alumna Asha Parekh, PhD'15. The team developed a small device that could be quickly inserted into an injured person's femoral artery to keep blood pumping to these vital organs.

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  • Funding: Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping receives $2.85 million grant

    Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, February 01, 2021

    Ravi Menon, PhD, Professor at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and his research team have received $2.85 million to support neuroscience research at the Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping (CFMM), at Robarts Research Institute.

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  • Combined forces help combat the pain and the disability of arthritis

    Western News, January 14, 2021

    Getting dressed, brushing teeth, opening a jar to make a meal: many Canadians can take performing these tasks for granted. But for those living with osteoarthritis in their hands, the gripping and twisting motions of daily life are a regular source of pain and frustration. “It can affect everything. Living with pain certainly has an impact, but it extends to all dimensions of life,” said Joy MacDermid, professor of physical therapy and co-director of the clinical research lab at the Roth | McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre.

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