When do I choose what type of engineering I want to go into?

At Western we have a Common First Year, which means you and the rest of the first-year class take the same courses during Year 1. In February of your first year, you will rank your choice of program for progression into Year 2. Your eligibility for your first choice will be assessed in May. Students must have an overall average of 60% or more in order to progress to Year 2.

Western Engineering guarantees your acceptance into the program of your choice if you have a mid-year and final grade average of at least 85% on the courses required for admission into Western Engineering from high school and you maintain a 80% average on a full course load in first year. (Learn more)

What engineering programs do you offer after first year?

Western Engineering offers the following undergraduate programs:
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Green Process Engineering
Integrated Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Software Engineering

Click here to learn more about Green Process Engineering from Caitlin Stauft, a Green Process Engineering student at Western.

Do you offer co-ops and internships?

Absolutely! We have an optional Summer Engineering Co-Op program where positions are provided for students in the summer months (May to August).  We also have an optional Internship Program which provides career related work placements (12 - 16 months in length) between your second last and your last year. 

Who can participate in Co-ops and Internships?

Any student who meets the eligibility requirements can participate in our Co-Op and Internship Programs. Students must have a solid academic record, maintain a 65% average and attend a Preparation and Training Workshop.

Can I study with another professional school or Faculty on campus?

Definitely! Our Dual Degrees allow you to graduate with two degrees in less time than it would take to complete each one independently. You can choose to complete a Dual Degree with one of Western’s other outstanding Faculties, including:  Ivey Business School, Western Law, Health Sciences, Science, Arts and Humanities, Social Science, and others.

What is the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Certificate?

The Engineering Leadership and Innovation Certificate provides students with a knowledge and criditical understanding of the key concepts and skills in management leadership and innovation.  Students will learn how the fields of engineering and business intersect and how principles of business and management can enhance the implementation of engineering technologies.

What is the Accelerated Masters Program?

The Accelerated Masters Program is offered to third-year Western Engineering students. In order to be accepted into the Accelerated Masters Program, applicants must have an average grade of 80% or above (from their 2nd and 3rd years). The Accelerated Masters Program allows students to receive a MESc within 1 year of receiving their BESc.

What is the Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering Externship?

Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering (PEME) Externship is an innovative initiative that is offered in collaboration with Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology and MME Department at Western University to provide students with valuable hands-on experience. After first year, students can complete a four-month externship to earn an Ontario College Local Certificate, and, after completing a second four-month term, an Ontario College Graduate Certificate.  Practical courses include machining, welding and metrology, plus other mechanical engineering skills.  The PEME Externship complements your technical knowledge with hands-on experience.

Can I study aerospace engineering at Western?

Here at Western Engineering we believe having an engineering degree in a broad program is more valuable then obtaining a very specific degree. If you would like to specialize we have graduate programs that allow you to further specialize once you are finished your engineering undergraduate degree.

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