First Year Students

Welcome to the Western Engineering Class of 2026

Our faculty, staff and current students are here to help in the Undergraduate Services Office, SEB 2097! 
As an incoming first  year student, you will be auto-enrolled into your timetable sometime between June and August. All courses will be assigned for you and changes to your assigned timetable are not permitted.

Western Engineering SmartStart I - a prep course for incoming Engineering students. Bringing you from where you are to where you want to be.

Summer Calendar 2023 - information on how to add courses

Summer Timetable 2023 - information on when the classes are offered

Western Engineering First Year Guide 2022/2023

Helpful Information

  • Counselling Hours Find out when you can meet with your first year Academic Counsellor

  • FAQ's Where do I find a list of building acronyms?  What average do I need to remain in Engineering? Find out answers to all sorts of questions

  • Timetables Find out what classes to take in first year and when they are offered

  • Course Outlines For more information about what you will be learning in a specific course, check out these course outlines for more detail

  • Extended First Year Are you finding the first year timetable too heavy?  Would you like to lighten your load this year?  The Extended First Year Program may be for you!

  • Admission to Engineering Programs Find out what the minimum requirements are for entrance into an Engineering program for the upper years

  • Intent to Register Follow these steps to fill out your Intent to Register so you can add classes for September 2023; The deadline is March 31, 2023. 

  • Tutor Information If you are looking for some extra help with your studies, there are lots of different tutor options for you