Graduate Degree Programs

Western Engineering provides unique learning experiences including access to state-of-the-art research facilities, research topics that impact real life scenarios, and mentorship by internationally recognized leaders in Engineering.  We have 9 graduate programs, from thesis-based to interdisciplinary, and we offer degrees such as MEng, MESc, and PhD.  

Department Program Overview and Student Testimonials

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute - MEng

  • The Advanced Design & Manufacturing Institute (ADMI) MEng is offered by Queen’s University and Western University, and is designed for working engineering graduates. The program is delivered in class, part-time, and on weekends. You can choose to complete the program in as little as two years. This exciting program is designed to give practicing engineers the technical knowledge and business and management skills necessary for them to advance to the forefront of their profession.
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Accelerated Master's Program - MESc

  • The Accelerated Master's Program is offered during your fourth year of studies, allowing you to complete graduate courses in lieu of technical electives, which simultaneously satisfies requirements for your bachelor’s degree and the beginning requirements of your master’s degree.
  • The Accelerated Master’s Program allows you to complete a master of engineering science degree in just one year beyond your bachelor’s degree.
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Biomedical - MESc, PhD

  • Biomedical Engineering is a program that promotes the cooperative involvement of clinical and basic researchers in allied disciplines such as biomaterials, biomechanics and imaging. This program encourages multidisciplinary links between the faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry, and Health Sciences, Robarts Research Institute and London Health Research Institute, and Western’s teaching hospitals.
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Chemical and Biochemical - MEng, MESc, PhD

  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering offers a variety of degree options at the Graduate studies level. Whether your focus is on research and innovation, increasing your technical knowledge in a specific field, or increasing your professional portfolio through graduate studies, Chemical and Biochemical offers degrees at the Master and PhD level to help you achieve your academic goals.  
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Civil and Environmental - MEng, MESc, PhD

  • The broad and comprehensive education Western Civil and Environmental Engineering students receive allows them to secure employment in a wide range of sectors including consulting, municipalities, provincial and federal governments, resource companies, and even space exploration. A civil engineering degree from Western opens doors to leadership and entrepreneurship possibilities and career opportunities in many professions.
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Dual Degree - MEng and MBA

  • The combination of a Master’s of Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration provides students with the unique opportunity to combine the technical knowledge of engineering with leadership skills in business. This is ideal for anyone looking for a career in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, logistics, consulting, or finance. Further, the ability to develop a new product or technology in engineering and commercialize that new product or technology at Ivey offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs.

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Electrical and Computer - MEng, MESc, PhD

  • With a vibrant faculty and state of the art facilities, Western’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) offers a number of programs for our future engineers, researchers and business leaders. Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty members are involved in research in cutting-edge technology, providing students ample opportunities to explore their abilities to the fullest by engaging in graduate studies and research.

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Engineering in Medicine - MEng

  • Modern advances in engineering science and technology have enabled the rapid development of miniaturized medical devices, customized implants, sophisticated diagnostic instrumentation, precision surgical robotics, and information technology for e-Health. The healthcare industry has become one of the world’s biggest industrial sectors providing a wide range of job opportunities in research, product development and patient care.

    Engineering in Medicine is an interdisciplinary, non-thesis Master of Engineering (MEng) program offered in the Faculty of Engineering at Western University.
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Mechanical and Materials - MEng, MESc, Phd

  • Mechanical Engineering MEng programs are structured to assist qualified engineers in the advancement of their professional careers and to provide students with the skills necessary to address key technological challenges. The Mechanical and Materials Engineering MEng program is a great preparation strategy for those planning to apply for registration with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. 

    Mechanical and Materials Engineering offers research intensive, thesis-based MESc and PhD programs, providing leading edge research using state of the art experimental and computational research facilities. The department has research strengths in diverse areas addressing present day challenges, as well as developing technologies for the future. Our two or four year program will provide a motivating training environment and an opportunity in conducting independent investigation, using developed analytical skills to produce highly capable professionals.
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MEng-GDip in Engineering Leadership and Innovation

    • Faculty of Engineering offers a Combined Master of Engineering (MEng) – Graduate Diploma (GDip) in Engineering Leadership and Innovation. It is a 4-term (16 months) program where students concurrently take courses in both MEng and GDip programs. Students registered in this option must complete the requirements for both MEng and GDip programs. Once completed, students receive MEng degree and Graduate Diploma.
    • Students registered in any technical field of the MEng program in the Faculty of Engineering could opt for this option as this option does not affect or alter the technical course requirements of a particular MEng technical field.

    • MEng-GDip Combined Option

  • TUITION FEE: Tuition fees are applied to student accounts three times per year at the beginning of each term (January 1, May 1, September 1). As the Combined MEng-Graduate Diploma program is classed as a four-term graduate program, students will be required to pay tuition for four consecutive academic terms. The per-term rates of tuition for the Combined MEng-Graduate Diploma program are assessed at the same tuition rate as the stand-alone MEng program. To view current graduate program fee schedules, please visit the Office of the Registrar website
  • Program Structure (Combined option) 
    •    - Students are required to complete 8 technical courses OR 6 technical courses and a project (as per the MEng
    •      program in which they are registered)
    •    - Students are required to complete 2 professional courses, which are cross-listed as GDip elective courses
    •    - Students are required to complete 4 courses of the GDip program (3 core courses and one elective course)
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University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE) - MEng

  • The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE), created through the partnership of three leading Ontario universities, namely, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, and The University of Western Ontario, presents a unique, innovative learning experience through a Master Degree Program in Nuclear Engineering Design with emphasis on nuclear power reactor technology. UNENE is an alliance of universities, nuclear power utilities, research and regulatory agencies for the support and development of nuclear education, research and development capability in Canadian universities.

    The UNENE program is designed to provide practicing engineers the enhanced knowledge, tools, technology as well as business and management skills, necessary to keep them at the forefront of their profession. The UNENE Master's Degree program has the enthusiastic endorsement of industrial partners OPG, AECL, Bruce Power, CNSC, CNS, NSS and COG.

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