Graduate Studies

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Congratulations to all of our Graduate students who participated in the 2019 3MT Thesis!!! All presentations were extremely interesting and enjoyed by Faculty and Staff! A special shout-out to Robert Keuhnen, Civil Engineering student, who placed 2nd in the University-wide Heat on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at Wolf Performance Hall with his presentation "How Fast Can You Evacuate a Building Fire?".

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Congratulations to:

Leila Azimian: recipient of the E.G.D. Murray Scholarship in Biochemical Engineering

Malini Ghosh: recipient of the Ivan Malek Scholarship in Biochemical Engineering

Anant Gairola and Sebastien Maheux: recipients of the Alan G. Davenport Memorial Scholarship

Geleta Tsinuel: recipient of the Dr. Robert Addie Graduate Scholarship in Wind Engineering

Ibrahim Ibrahim: recipient of the Graduate Scholarship in Structural Engineering

Riley Bloomfield: recipient of the Ion Inculet PhD Award In Engineering

Andrea Kassay, Mohammed Baroud, Azardokht Aryaie, Kamaljeet Singh Mann: recipients of the R.K. Swartman Master of Engineering Program Award

Lauren Oldfield, Sadaf Mehrabi: recipients of the Ross and Jean Clark Scholarship

Lauren Oldfield: recipient of the Fred Groch Graduate Bursary in Engineering

Taryn Fournie, Majid Kh Touqan: recipients of the Douglas W Muzyka International Graduate Student Research Fellowship

Maisaa Tawfeeq: recipient of the Julie Lassonde Scholarship

Bekime Uzeiri: recipient of the Bloom Leadership Graduate Engineering Award

Daniel Mroz: recipient of the William and Ruth Lardner Scholarship Award

Alexandra Duchesne: recipient of the Y.F. Eric and Ruby S. Chung Graduate Scholarship Award

Taryn Fournie and Mohamed Mansour: recipients of the L.G. Soderman Award

Safwat Ramadan: recipient of the  John Booker Award

Jamal Assaf and AbdelRahman Fayez: recipients of the Milos Novak Memorial Award

Kareem El Naggar and Archana Tamang: recipients of the R.M. Quigley Award