IBET Fellowship


The Faculty of Engineering is committed to increasing the diversity of Canadian workforce in the engineering and technology sector, especially, the participation from Indigenous and Black communities.

As part of Western Engineering's efforts to encourage, mentor, support and enhance the preparation of tomorrow’s diverse leaders in academia and industry, the Faculty is offering the Indigenous and Black Engineering/Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship to attract and financially support highly qualified domestic applicants who identify as Indigenous or Black.  


"The IBET Momentum Fellowship has had a very positive impact on my PhD experience. It has afforded me the opportunity to be in spaces with people with whom there is inherent understanding through shared experiences, connecting me with a network of peers and mentors at Western and beyond. The comfort in the unspoken understanding cannot be overstated."
- Emma Donnelly, IBET Momentum Fellow

Application Process

  • Applications are now open!
  • Applicants must submit a separate application for the IBET fellowship.
  • The application package includes: