Current Projects

Projects are currently being conducted with government agencies at the federal, provincial and local levels.  International collaborations are also underway with China and other commercialization, technology development and validation through WORLDiscoveries and other spin-off companies.

Examples of Current Research Projects

  • Demonstration of the Mobile Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment (George Nakhla)
  • Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Enhanced Anaerobic Biosolids Digestion (George Nakhla)
  • Development of an Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Bioreactor (George Nakhla)
  • Biological Treatment of Food Wastes and Thin Stillage from Bioethanol Plants for Hydrogen and Methane Production (George Nakhla)
  • Water Purification by Band-Engineered (doped as well as dye-sensitized) Solar Photocatalysis (AK Ray)
  • Design and Development of Large-Scale Photocatalytic Reactors for High-rate Water Treatment (AK Ray)
  • Splitting of Water for Clean Hydrogen Production by Band-Engineered (doped as well as dye-sensitized) Solar Photocatalysis (AK Ray)
  • Design of Reactors for Disinfection of Fluids (AK Ray)
  • Advanced oxidation and genotoxicity of micropollutants (MB Ray)
  • Solar degradation of micropollutants (MB Ray)
  • Pretreatment of sludge prior to anaerobic digestion for enhanced biogas production, odor reduction, pathogen stabilization, and micropollutant reduction (MB Ray)
  • Biosorption of heavy metals in water (MB Ray)
  • Membrane Bioreactors for Phosphorous and Nitrogen Removal in Wastewaters (A Margaritis)
  • Immobilized Bacterial Cells for Rapid Biodegradation of Organics in Wastewaters (A Margaritis)
  • Mixed Bacterial Cultures for Biodegradation of Toxic Hydrocarbons in Wastewaters (A Margaritis)
  • Use of Micro and Ultrafiltration Membranes for Final Purification of Drinking Water (A Margaritis)
  • Circulating Fluidized Bioreactors for Biosorption and Removal of Toxic Metals in Wastewaters (A Margaritis)
  • Novel Fibrous Bioreactors for Biotreatment of Underground Waters in Agriculture (A Margaritis)
  • Use of Activated Sludge to Produce Biohydrogen from Organics in Wastewater (A Margaritis)
  • Fundamental Studies on Oxygen Mass Transfer and Mixing in Aerated Activated Sludge Bioreactors (A Margaritis)
  • Kinetics of Continuous Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Systems (A Margaritis)
  • Novel Bioreactors for Biodegradation and Removal of Fats and Oils in Municipal Wastewaters (A Margaritis)