Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ralph Baddour

  • Stratified and two-phase flows
  • Nonlinear mixing
  • Thermohaline buoyancy and circulation
  • Vortex dynamics at water intakes

Jason Gerhard 

  • Contaminant hydrogeology
  • Multiphase flow in porous media


Jose Herrera 

  • Advanced oxidation technologies
  • Functional nanomaterials for water treatment


Denis O’Carroll

  • Groundwater contamination and remediation
  • Contaminant fluid flow


Clare Robinson

  • Sustainable water resource management
  • Water quality modeling
  • Behavior of water-borne contaminants


Slobodan Simonovic

  • Water resources
  • Flood control
  • Impact of climate change on water resources management


Ernest Yanful 

  • Water treatment technologies
  • Removal of pharmaceuticals and emerging contaminants from water matrices
  • Water reuse