Industry Collaborations

Western Engineering is committed to the community and establishing and building relationships with partners in industry.  Our water engineering experts are currently working with companies on projects such as wastewater treatment, fluidized beds and solar opportunities to help find solutions to the pressing environmental issues of present and future.
In the last 10 years, water research has grown and expanded in scope with the addition of new areas of work including water resources management, wastewater and drinking water treatment using advanced oxidation methods, water quality modeling and groundwater remediation using nano-materials.
Our water engineering experts have secured funding provided by agencies such as NSERC, CFCAS the City of London, LEF CFI, and others.
Projects are currently being conducted with government agencies at the federal, provincial and local levels.  International collaborations are also underway with China and other commercialization, technology development and validation through WORLDiscoveries and other spin-off companies.
Contact us to learn how you can get involved.