Civil Seminar

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Winter 2023 Civil Seminar Schedule
Tuesday 1:30pm-2:30pm

Spencer Engineering Building Room 1200





19 Jan 2023 12:30pm

Michael D’Andrea

City of Toronto


31 Jan 2023

Sarah Stenabaugh &
Albert Brooks

CPP Wind Engineering Consultants

A Day in the Life of a Consulting Wind Engineer

7 Feb 2023

Mohamed Zaki

Western University


14 Feb 2023

Craig Ingram &
David Feeney

Western Career Education

 Strategies on Your Path to a Meaningful Career

21 Feb 2023

Reading Week
(no seminar)



28 Feb 2023

Silvana Micic &
Tom Lardner

Western University

Swelling Potential - Laboratory Swell Tests and Parameters

7 Mar 2023

Bruce Hudson &
Sébastien Reygner

Sika Canada 


14 Mar 2023

Opeyemi Adeyemi

Wellness and Equity Education @ Western

 Interactive Workshop on Mental Health

21 Mar 2023

Xuebin Zhang

Enviornment and Climate Change Canada


28 Mar 2023

Bipasha Baruah

Western Gender Studies


4 Apr 2023

3MT Student Presentations