Terms of Reference


1. The Advisory Council of Western Engineering is a group of engineering, business and community leaders who assist and advise the Dean and the President in setting and pursuing strategic directions for Engineering at Western University, in a manner that is visible and responsive to the needs of the community.


2. The Advisory Council shall consist of members appointed by the Dean of Engineering. These members all have voice and voting privileges:

a) At least fifteen (15) and no more than twenty (25) representatives to serve four (4) year (staggered) terms as regular members. At least twelve (12) of these representatives shall be from industry (including government departments and agencies, professional engineering organizations as well as private industry). In addition, there may be up to three (3) community members appointed because of their special skills, expertise or knowledge. Terms may be renewed up to two times beyond the initial term;
b) Up to four (4) recent graduates (within 10 years at the time of initial appointment) of the graduate and/or undergraduate programs, at least one (1) male and one (1) female, to serve four (4) year staggered terms;
c) Two (2) faculty members to serve four (4) year staggered terms as nominated by Faculty Council;
d) Three (3) members ex-officio: The Past Chair of ACWE, The President of Western University or designate, The Dean of the Faculty;
e) Current President of the London Economic Development Corporation or designate.

3. The Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Council shall each be appointed for a two-year term. These positions shall be nominated to the Dean of Engineering by ACWE and shall be elected from among the members in 2a.;

4. In addition, should Council choose, the following resource persons may be invited to meetings, with voice but no vote: Associate/Assistant Deans of the Faculty, Department Chairs, Directors, Managers, the Alumni & Development Officer, the Communications Specialist, representative from undergraduate student executive, representative from graduate student executive, and others as decided by Council.

5. After serving at least one complete term on ACWE, and upon completion of service as a regular member (2a), the member’s status will change to associate member. Members have the right to decline this honourary status. Associate members shall maintain this status as long as the member chooses to. Associate members are invited to attend meetings, and to receive minutes and notices. Associate members have voice but no vote.

Executive Committee

6. Council may establish an Executive Committee with membership to consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, the Past Chair, the Dean and other members and/or resource persons as required. The secretary shall be elected by the Executive Committee.

7. ACWE may delegate its responsibilities to the Executive Committee but any recommendations made by the latter shall be subject to ratification by the Council.

Duties and Responsibilities

8. The Council shall meet at least three times annually (London, Toronto and Calgary/Edmonton) at the call of the Chair to consider matters brought before it by any member of Council.

9. ACWE shall assist and support the Dean to advance the mission of the Faculty of Engineering. To accomplish this, it shall represent the community’s needs to the Faculty. As well, it shall promote the Faculty’s services, accomplishments and needs to the community. More specifically, the Council shall be concerned with any matters related to the interface of the Faculty with the community, including, but not limited to:

a) exchange of scientific and engineering education information
b) professional development of faculty members
c) professional development programs and opportunities for industryv d) cooperative research projects
e) cooperative education initiatives (e.g., internship and co-op placements, graduate training opportunities)
f) participation of practicing engineers in classroom academic experiences for students
g) transfer of research results to industry (including the development of new products or processes)
h) evaluation of program content as it relates to the future demands of the profession
i) educational research related to recruitment and retention of undergraduate and graduate students and to evaluation of programs by former students
j) funding plans and strategies in support of excellence
k) review of plans for new academic and infrastructure developments
l) employment opportunities for engineering graduates
m) promoting Western Engineering to the community at large
n) assisting the Faculty of Engineering in its strategic academic and research planning
o) seeking collaborative/joint R&D initiatives between industry and Western Engineering
p) identifying industry exchange programs


10. The Dean shall present to the Advisory Council a written annual report highlighting the accomplishments of the Faculty and plans for future development.

11. The Chair of ACWE shall present to the Dean a written annual report of the activities and recommendations of the Council for onward transmission to the President.


12. The Terms of Reference of ACWE shall be reviewed by the Council every two year.