University Machine Services (UMS) is an ancillary service located in the Thompson Engineering Building at Western University. Our goal is to provide assistance in instruction, research, and industry through the design and manufacture of specialized components and equipment.


Services offered:

  • Prototyping of tools, equipment and mechanisms for most industries;
  • High-end machining for all industries- Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC), and conventional;
  • Full service design department from conception to complete working drawings ready for manufacturing;
  • Product sourcing- if you do not know where to obtain your requirements, our purchasing agent has years of experience at finding both common and obscure products, tools, and components necessary for your job;
  • Welding repairs and fabrication;
  • Extensive customer base within the university as well as off-campus;
  • A reliable network of trusted suppliers who can provide clients with necessary material and other elements of work beyond our scope; and
  • Excellent customer service.

General Machining and Manufacturing

  • UMS is equipped with a wide range of conventional machine tools;
  • Staff of highly trained trades and technical employees; and
  • Specialize in developing and manufacturing proto-type devices and equipment.

CNC Machining

  • Eight CNC machines ranging from a 17” by 40” lathe to a 20” by 50” 4 axis mill;
  • Technical staff capable of programming in proprietary machine languages, G code and CAM programs, such as Mastercam and Cam Works.; and
  • Specialize in one-time and short run production.

3D Modelling and Computer Assistant Drafting (CAD)

  • Projects designed using powerful 3D Cad modeling software, such as Solidworks;
  • Ability to work with CAD data in multiple formats, such as AutoCAD, Pro Engineer, Solid Edge, and Key Creator; and
  • Experience providing CAD services and design expertise in the manufacture of components ranging from large-scale tilting erosion trays to small medical devices.

Prototype Development Manufacturing

  • Extensive experience with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a wide range of plastics such as acrylic, delrin, nylon and other specialized polymers used in product development;
  • Manufactures patterns and molds for vacuum forming and lay-ups;
  • Significant experience aiding researchers from all disciplines;
  • Through partnering with local industry, UMS has manufactured carbon fiber components for a variety of projects and clients; and
  • UMS is the predominant supplier of wind tunnel models used in testing of buildings, bridges and structures for the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory.
  • Extensive capability with multiple machines for additive manufacturing (see Equipment for further information)

Welding Fabrication

  • Offers a full range of welding services for all types of fabrication and repairs; and
  • Able to accommodate a range of welding needs, from thin, precise jobs to heavy structural work.

Sheet Metal

  • UMS contains a 44000 lbs. Hydraulic press brake capable of bending material up to 6ft in length, as well as 5ft hydraulic sheer with a cutting capacity of 10 ga.; and
  • Variety of manually operated equipment to manufacture a range of from vacuum chambers, large scale fluidized beds, to very fine medical equipment