Working Together

Student and Faculty

At Western Engineering, we strive for excellence in all we do, accountability for the quality of our work, and an environment that rewards innovation and creativity.

To meet these goals, we have established three working groups to provide Western Engineering faculty and staff with guidance and support in the following priority areas: Communication (Recognition, Respect, Collaboration), Mentorship and Work/Life Balance. Below you will find helpful links and resources for each key area.

Western Engineering is proud of the initiatives and programs undertaken as a result of the 2012 Western WE SPEAK faculty & staff survey.

In May 2016, Western Engineering conducted a follow-up survey for all Engineering faculty and staff to see how we have progressed since 2012. 18% of faculty members and 34% of staff members participated in the survey for an overall response rate of 27%. 75% of those who participated in the survey were a Western Engineering employee when the 2012 campus-wide WE Speak survey took place. The survey focused on the three pillar areas that Western Engineering focused their WE Act initiatives on.
Of those surveyed, they indicated that they either somewhat agree/agree/strongly agree that: they are familiar with the mentorship opportunities available within Western Engineering (71%); they are satisfied with the new Western Engineering value statements (88%); they feel that Western Engineering is a supportive and respectful workplace (76%); they feel informed about what is going on within Western Engineering (85%); they are satisfied with the formal recognition initiatives in place at Western Engineering (61%);  they are satisfied with the wellness initiatives that are available campus-wide and within Western Engineering (70%); and there has been a positive change within Western Engineering over the past few years (66%).