Engineering Mentorship for Staff Members


  • To provide encouragement and advice to staff members in a new role, act as a sounding board, and help with problem solving.
  • To assist with networking and introductions to others in Western Engineering and the University.
  • To provide information on development opportunities, including Western’s Educational Assistance Plan and other ideas for personal and professional growth.
  • To point new or existing staff members to other resources/benefits available to them as a member of the Western community/Western Engineering.

How the Program Works

  • Mentoring should remain separate and distinct from orientation.
  • A Mentorship Resource Group of mentors will be available for new and existing staff members
  • New staff members will be informed of the Mentorship Resource Group during their Faculty Orientation and invited to approach any member as they feel the need.
  • Longer term staff members who are being promoted may also request a mentor.

Terms of Reference

Mentorship Resource Group Members

  • Whitney Barrett, Graduate Officer, Graduate and Research Office
  • Mike Gaylard, Associate Director (Facilities), Office of the Dean
  • Claire Naudi, Coordinator, Undergraduate and Graduate Professional Programs, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
  • Eugen Porter, Technical Specialist, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Chris Vandelaar, Student Shop Manager (interim)/Research and Undergraduate Project Manager, University Machine Services
  • Remington Wickman, Director (Finance), Engineering Finance & Stores

Mentorship Resources for Staff