Engineering Mentorship for Faculty Members

Western Engineering is committed to the success of its faculty members. For this reason, we offer formal mentorship for all faculty members by the Dean and Department Chairs but we have also initiated a more informal mentorship opportunity through a Central Mentorship Committee.

Mentorship Model

Central Mentorship Committee: The faculty has a single, Central Mentorship committee, which includes one faculty member from each department (not department chairs or dean). Each department elects a candidate who is experienced and capable of serving as a mentor to serve on the faculty committee. The committee shall elect a chair from among its four members.

The terms of reference for the Central Membership Committee are as follows:

  • To host an initial meeting with each new faculty member. The initial meeting is to provide career perspective to the new member, discuss their expectations towards mentorship, and describe the difference between the formal mentorship the member can expect from their Chair and Dean, and the informal mentorship they can obtain from the central mentorship committee. The initial meeting can be done with a group of new faculty members or individually.
  • To serve as mentors for faculty members, when appropriate.
  • To assist the member in forming a resource group, if desired, depending upon the type of mentorship sought. The central committee shall facilitate introduction of the member to the resource group, but are not encouraged nor obliged to attend meetings.
  • To serve as mentors to existing faculty members who are seeking mentorship. To this end, any faculty member may approach the central committee to initiate a meeting. A process similar to that for new members is then followed.
  • The Central Mentorship committee will “monitor” activity of the resource groups

Resource Groups: If desired, the Mentee works with the Central Mentorship Committee to form a small (1-3 members) resource group that the member can then approach for individual mentorship. There are no specific terms of reference for the resource group as this is intended to be informal mentorship. Issues that arise through the use of, or within, the resource group should be reported to the Central Mentorship Committee.

The terms of reference for the Resource Groups are as follows:

  • The resource group can meet formally or individually at the will of the member.
  • Any issues from the Mentee or the resource group can be raised with the Central Mentorship committee.

Mentorship Resources for Faculty