Terms of Reference

WEAct Working Group
Communication – Recognition, Respect, Collaboration


To ensure the work and goals outlined in the original WEAct Working Group Executive Summary is continued. Specific goals include:

  • Improve the culture of Western Engineering by addressing issues related to communication, respect and collaboration;
  • Increase recognition for all faculty and staff.


The Working Group will consist of a Chair, two faculty members, one administrative staff member and one technical staff member. View the current membership.

Action that could arise from issues identified in the Report to the Dean:

  • Provide suggested wording to update of the Engineering Values statement;
  • Communicate with Dean and other leaders, identifying steps and actions that can be taken to create a culture of respect and professionalism;
  • Identify steps to encourage individuals to embrace a culture of respect;
  • Using the WEAct work and information from the Advocate (Ann Hutchison) identify broad issues that could be affecting culture, and recommend further actions to be taken;
  • Leaders as Role Models: Identify approaches to strengthen the skills of all leaders within Western Engineering, so they may play a strong role in reshaping the culture of our Faculty;
  • Examine approaches, as well as benefits and costs of supporting the awards nomination process. Provide recommendations for consideration.

Reference Documents*

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