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Polypyrrole trilayer actuator

Photo taken by: A. Price (SAPL)

Discovering new smart materials to enable innovative mechatronic systems.

Organic Mechatronics & Smart Materials Laboratory

  • Smart Material Actuators and Sensors
  • Mechatronic Systems for Industrial Automation and Biomedical Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Materials
  • Conductive Electroactive Polymers and Composites
  • Magnetic and Thermal Shape Memory Materials
  • Advanced Biomedical Technologies for Better Health
Organic Mechatronics & Smart Materials Laboratory

Active Research Programs

3D Printing Technologies for the Fabrication of Nanoscale Actuator Arrays

This Research Program is funded through the NSERC Discovery Grants Program, and aims to discover and develop the knowledge and innovative new tools required to fabricate conductive polymer actuator arrays with complex details on a nanometer scale by means of specially developed 3D printing technologies.

Current Research Activities

Extruder design for fused filament fabrication of polyaniline blends

Portrait of Frederick Benjamin Holness
MESc Candidate Ben Holness explores direct ink writing processes for the creation of novel 3D polyaniline electrochemically active structures by means of paste extrusion equipped delta robotics.

Embedded smart-polymer sensor arrays for smart orthopaedic implants

Portrait of Carolina Micolini
MESc Candidate Carolina Micolini is co-supervised by Dr. J. Johnson in Western's Biomedical Engineering program, in conjunction with Western's strategic Cluster of Research Excellence in Musculoskeletal Health and the Bone and Joint Institute.

Radiation curing processes for the fabrication of 3D polypyrrole transducers

Portrait of Andrew Cullen
MESc Candidate Andrew Cullen is investigating laser stereolithography techniques to fabricate 3D polypyrrole components for use as smart sensors and actuators using UV curing methods.

Mechatronic systems for the additive manufacturing of smart materials

Portrait of Robert Meagher
NSERC USRA recipient Robert Meagher is developing additive manufacturing technologies required to implement direct ink writing processes for smart polymers.

Investigation of embedded conductive polymer sensors for biomedical applications

Portrait of Flavia Rodrigues Gabriel
Science Without Borders participant Flavia Rodrigues Gabriel designs and fabricates complex polymeric components with embedded conductive polymer sensor arrays for the characterization of internal stress distributions within orthopaedic implants.

Development of smart 3D printed extracellular matrix scaffolds

Portrait of Kevin McLean
Research Assistant Kevin McLean is exploring 3D printing techniques for the manufacturing of extracellular matrix scaffolds from polypyrrole and a decellularized adipose tissue biomaterial for active scaffolds that simulate natural cell environments.

Finite element analysis of stacked dielectric elastomers

Portrait of Jiajun Chen
MEng Candidate Jiajun Chen is simulating the dynamic performance of electro-viscoelastic elastomers by means user-defined material property subroutines integrated in ABAQUS.

Fabrication of multilayer polypyrrole actuators via electrochemical polymerization

MEng volunteer Aman Jowaheer recently graduated from Western's Mechanical Engineering graduate professional program and is currently investigating the fabrication of polypyrrole actuators for smart applications.

Active polymer mechano-transduction platforms for stem cell differentiation

MEng candidate Scott Gregus is exploring the feasibility of integrating low-voltage active polymer actuators within mechanotransduction platforms for the study of stem cell differentiation through non-invasive monitoring.

Lab Alumni

Group photo

2016 Champion: Ben Holness, Photo: Tin Cup

2016 OMASML summer social mini-putting event

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Current MEng Project Opportunities

P1: Design of a retrofitted centrifuge motor controller for phase separation in gels
P2: Chemical synthesis of conductive conjugated polymers
P3: Electropolymerization of conjugated polymer actuators
P4: Multiphysics finite element model of an instrumented biomedical implant
P5: Synthesis of carbon-based nanomaterials (co-supervised with Dr. Sun)
P6: Feasibility Study of 3D Printed Batteries (co-supervised with Dr. Sun)
Click here to express your interest in these projects (avaialable until 5:00 PM January 6th, 2017).