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Enhancing mechatronic systems through smart materials to improve our quality of life.

+1 Knowledge: Fostering Engagement Through Gamification

Professor Price and MESc Candidate Andrew Cullen presented the practical implementation of gamification techniques in the Western Active Learning Space at the 36th Annual Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference.

Prof. Price presents at STHLE 2016.

Micolini presents biomedical research at 2016 London Health Research Day

MESc Candidate Carolina Micolini presented her newly initiated biomedical engineering research project entitled "Elucidating implant wear mechanisms via embedded smart-polymer sensor arrays" at the 2016 London Health Research Day.

Carolina Micolini presents at the London Health Research Day.

Price presents 3D printing for Conjugated Polymers research at SPIE EAPAD 2016

Prof. Price presented the first reported DLP 3D printing of polypyrrole: "Photopolymerization of 3D conductive polypyrrole structures via digital light processing" [9798-40] at the SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring symposium.

Holness presents Additive Manufacturing of Conductive Polymers research at SPIE EAPAD 2016

MESc Candidate Ben Holness presented his groundbreaking work with the 3D printing of polyaniline entitled "Robotic extrusion processes for direct ink writing of 3D conductive polyaniline structures" [9798-46] at the SPIE Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring symposium.

F. Benjamin Holness presenting his work at the SPIE podium.

Price featured in CSME Bulletin, New Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Aaron Price's efforts to discover new smart materials for biomechatronic systems are featured in the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering Fall 2015 Bulletin.

Progress toward 3D Printing of conductive polymer materials

As head of the Organic Mechatronics and Smart Materials Laboratory, Prof. Price presented our group's research focus on developing specialized additive manufacturing techniques for conductive polymers at the 8th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles, and Nano-Bio in Vancouver.

Microscope image of extruded conductive polymer.

Integrated Design Optimization Of DE Actuators In High-Performance Switchgear

As a member of ABB's Corporate Research Center in Germany, Prof. Price delivered a presentation on Dielectric Elastomer Actuator (DEA) performance design and optimization at the ASME 2014 Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS) conference in Newport, Rhode Island. Click here to view the article on the ASME site.

FEA techniques have been applied in ABAQUS to evaluate the impact of material and geometric parameters in DEAs.
Round DEA Sqaure DEA Hexagonal DEA