G.K. Knopf


Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) 1991
M.Sc. (Saskatchewan) 1987
B.E. (Saskatchewan) 1984

My Research Group

Dr. Knopf's teaching responsibilities and expertise are in the general field of product design & advanced manufacturing. His areas of research interest includeengineering design, 3D shape reconstruction, laser microfabrication, micro-optics andbioelectronic imaging arrays. Past contributions have been to the development of intelligent systems for engineering design including studies on the characterization of micro geometry flaws in product data exchange, efficient packing of 3D parts for layered manufacturing, and the adaptive reconstruction of complex freeform surfaces. The innovative surface modeling algorithms have been applied to the reconstruction of complex bone geometry and fragmented archaeological artifacts. Other contributions include self-organizing feature maps that convert large numeric data sets into geometric forms for interactive data exploration and visualization.

In recent years, the focus of research has significantly expanded in the areas of laser microfabrication, micro-optics and light driven technologies. These technologies include a unique approach to surface geometry measurement using an unconstrained range-sensor head [US patent 6,542,249], micro-optic element design for large area light guides and curtains, non-lithographic fabrication of metallic micro-mold masters by laser machining and welding, laser micro polishing and development of several bioelectronic devices that exploit the photoelectric signals generated by dried bacteriorhodopsin (bR) films. Biologically-based light activated transducers represent a new sensor technology that can be fabricated on flexible polymer substrates for creating novel imaging and biosensor systems [USA Patent No. 7,573,024]. Current research involves the development of electrically conductive graphene-based inks and novel fabrication processes for printing electronic circuitry on a variety of mechanically flexible surfaces(e.g. polymers, paper, and biocompatible silk).

In addition, he has co-edited two CRC Press volumes entitled Smart Biosensor Technology and Optical Nano and Micro Actuator Technology. Professor Knopf has acted as a technical reviewer for numerous academic journals, conferences, and granting agencies and has co-chaired several international conferences.