Meeting Room, Classroom & Lab Booking Information

Booking Instructions for Students

The process for booking student meeting rooms changed effective January 4th, 2024 and students are no longer able to book student meetings rooms using office 365.
Students wishing to book a student meeting room within ACEB must do so through the new booking portal:

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How Do Students Book Meeting Rooms?

What Do I Do If My Card Doesn't Work?

Booking Instructions for Staff & Faculty

To book any rooms in the Engineering complex, you must go online using the Office 365 Calendar system. Instructions on how to book the rooms and resources available are located at this link:

How Do Faculty & Staff Book Meeting Rooms?

For any questions or assistance with room bookings, please contact the ITG Help Desk at 519-661-2111 ext: 88112.

Meeting Room, Classroom & Lab Information

Find information about meeting rooms.

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Faculty & Staff - Best Practices and Protocols for Rooms

  • AV capabilities in all meeting rooms and classrooms use the Solstice system. Instructions on how to use the Solstice system are available at this link:
  • Descriptions of the meeting must appropriately reflect what the room is being used for (in Office 365) and should include the name of the person booking the room.
  • Graduate Student Classes and thesis defenses should only be booked in rooms large enough to accommodate the group size. The best rooms are SEB 3102 and ACEB 3445. Please contact ITG in advance to familiarize yourself with each rooms capabilities and hardware. It is the responsibility of the faculty supervisor to ensure that the space is cleaned and all furniture returned to its usual state when the meeting/class ends.
  • Please ensure you have the correct door code or Western ID card to enter the room and that you enter and exit the room at the correct time.
  • If you require preparation time before a meeting, please ensure to book time before the meeting starts to ensure you can access the room at the time needed. For all meeting rooms with wireless connectivity, the first time you need to use this technology you should book an extra 30 minutes prior to the start of your meeting, so that you have time to download the software necessary on your laptop. If you require assistance, please contact the ITG HelpDesk well in advance of the start-time of the meeting.
  • Please be considerate and do not block book re-curing meetings; unless you know that the room will be used (i.e., do not book it 'just-in-case').
  • Please ensure that all equipment required for the scheduled meetings/defenses (projectors, laptops, extension cords, AV keys) are pre-booked and available for the faculty, staff or graduate students use prior to the start time of the meeting. It is very disruptive to those who have offices next to meeting rooms when people are asking for these items (including the door code) prior to their meeting.
  • Return the room to the state it was in when you entered the space. For example, move the tables and chairs back to the way you found it, and clean up your garbage.
  • Do not steal chairs and other furniture from other rooms/spaces.


For any questions or assistance with room bookings or the TV screens/Solstice systems, please contact the ITG Help Desk at or call ext: 88112 (ACEB 2420).

If you find the room, blinds or furniture have been damaged, please report it to Maddie Freedman at or call 519-661-2111 x 85397 (SEB 2002) immediately.