Video Conferencing

There are several video conferencing options available including Blackboard Collaborate and Skype for Business.

Rooms SEB 3102, SEB 3109 and 2009A are frequently booked for video conferencing and presenations. Installed in these rooms are workstations and projectors, additionally installed in SEB 2009A is a Solistice Box for wireless display casting.

If you wish to use Skype for Business you must provide your own Skype ID. There are instructions on use of this equipment, posted in the room itself. 

The IT Group needs to ensure that video connections can be made PRIOR to the day of the conference. For that reason, we request at least 2 weeks’ notice prior to the day of the conference. The conferences need to be scheduled and time must be allocated to setup these conferences in advance. We may not be able to implement a conference for you with only one day's notice. The remote connections need to be tested BEFORE your scheduled conference.


A Polycom teleconferencing system suitable for medium size rooms is available for sign out from the Dean’s office and supports an IP based connection.