Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Western Engineering is pleased to announce that Engineering students will be able to connect to the Western University network with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Pulse Secure for the fall term as needed.  Use of the VPN will allow students to remotely connect to the Engineering general use computer labs, as well as to access network resources required for applications that students locally download on computer devices that have dependencies on licence servers or databases.  Please note that many locally installed Engineering applications do not require the use of the VPN, and that this tool should only be used when needed.

A requirement for student remote access to Western’s Network and Engineering computer devices using Pulse Secure is using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).  Multi Factor Authentication is an additional security validation check using an application called DUO that you will need to install on a personal secondary device (typically a cell phone/mobile phone). For more information about Multi Factor Authentication please see

Some examples of what you can expect with this access:

  • Access Western Network resources in support of locally downloaded and installed applications that need to communicate to a network licence server or database. Most Engineering  Academic Applications will not require use of VPN.

Some Engineering Academic Applications such as Granta Edupack require use of VPN:

  • For Engineering students, please ensure your Server URL is when you connect to ROAMs using PulseSecure.

Steps required to get setup


Please contact the ITG helpdesk for any support issues.  The ITG helpdesk can be reached Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time  by emailing

For those outside Canada, ensure use of a VPN and Engineering software is permitted for use in your country.


The concurrent usage of VPN connectivity allows for 500 students at any one point in time.  Please only use the VPN (Pulse Secure) as needed to perform/complete your work as needed.

Grad Students Remote Access

If you are a Grad Student and require remote access to a PC, please fill out this request form