File Storage

Microsoft One Drive

All eligible Western Faculty, Staff, Students have access to 1TB of free storage on Microsoft OneDrive with their own uwo email addresses. Please remember that this space is in the cloud so you should refer to Western's Data Classification heirarchy when you decide to store files in this location.

Desktop and My Documents in Labs

If you are working in any of the student teaching labs in the Faculty of Engineering (ACEB 1400, ACEB 2400, ACEB 2415, ACEB 2435, ACEB 2440, ACEB 3420, ACEB 3435, ACEB 4415, ACEB 4435, ACEB 4440, SEB 1004, TEB 454) including Departmental user labs, your Desktop and My Documents folders are redirected to network storage space on your P:\ drive. P:\ is backed up by ITG nightly. There is a 60-day retention of the data that can be restored upon request to . There is 50GB limited space for all students for these redirected folders. The redirection is for your protection, so you don't lose anything.

When Working in Other Locations

We highly recommend that you save your files specifically to OneDrive where you have 1TB of available space, or so you know where to find them when working in other locations both on and off campus. Graduate Students can request more space for research data by contacting . All students also have an H:\ drive with 5GB of space available.