Active Learning Space

SEB2094 Active Learning Space

SEB 2094

Location: Spencer Engineering Building RM 2094
Capacity: 32 seats
Furniture: Plastic chairs with wheels and arm rests. 5 pods (tables) centered around smart displays.
AV Equipment: 5 solstice (wireless casting) enabled projectors, no computers or device cable connectors
Whiteboards: 5 whiteboard/solstice displays and 30 modular white boards (can be mounted on the walls or on mobile carts)


Faculty Members:
Book as a resource on their own or with their Dept. office.

Student Clubs and Teams:
Contact Lesley Mounteer or Sue Chapman

Other Students (e.g., design groups):
Contact Undergraduate Services Office

Essential Etiquette

Room is to be used by Engineering students or for Engineering courses only.

Each unsupervised student group using the room shall identify one member who will be contacted in the unlikely event that damage occurs.

No food.