Document Cameras

Western Engineering Wireless Casting Solstice Pods

AVerVision PL50 Platform Document Camera

AveVision is doucment camera that includes the following feature:

  • 5MP with 30fps at 1080p: mega detail with mega smoothness.
  • Built in 8.3” x 11.7” lightbox: perfect for x-rays, slides and negatives.
  • Dual side LED lamps: illumination guaranteed
  • 16X optical zoom: zero in on all the small details.

Where can I use AverVision?

At present, AVerVision document cameras are available in the following rooms:

  • ACEB 1410
  • ACEB 1415
  • ACEB 1420
  • ACEB 1450
  • SEB 2099
  • SEB 3109

How do you use the AVerVision Document Camera?

  Connect the power from the document camera cart to outlet

  Attach HDMI cable to connection in poduim and power on the unit


  Select HDMI input from Crestron


  If you are experiencing issues connecting to the AVerVision Document Camera, please contact the Engineering HelpDesk.