Purchasing and Logistics

Purchasing Methods

The following are valid methods for the procurement of goods or services at Western. Please see Western’s Competitive Bid Process website for limits and quotes.

  • Western Accounts: Use speed codes and account lines to purchase from on-campus retailers and Western Preferred Suppliers
  • Petty Cash: Bring receipts (up to $150/receipt) to EFS (TEB 40). Be sure to write a speed code and have the account holder sign and print their name on the receipt. Petty cash is available Tuesdays & Thursdays. Research Note: process travel-related expenses via online travel claim.
  • Corporate VISA
  • Purchase Order (P/O): To initiate a P/O, Login to Mustang Market or if you don't have access, complete a request to purchase form and attach quotes and submit information to EFS (TEB 40).

Purchasing Information

Product Inventory and Sourcing

EFS maintains an inventory to meet your basic lab/project materials requirements. If we do not have what you are looking for we can fill most orders within 24 hours.

CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

All electrical equipment must be CSA or equivalent certified. Goods not meeting this standard will be held in EFS until the Electrical Safety Authority has certified the goods.

Customs & Goods: Import/Export

Donations and Samples

Inform EFS of all items that are not processed by a P.O.

Goods Shipped from Outside Canada

Please provide the following information when ordering items from outside of Canada:

  • Description of order
  • Value
  • Country of origin
  • Company name
  • Speed Code for brokerage charges

EFS will forward this information to Customs in Western University’s Purchasing department.

Shipping & Receiving

All goods delivered will be matched to packing slips and the purchaser will be notified of delivery confirmation.

Western Engineering Shipping Address

Western University
Thompson Engineering Building
Dock 59
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B9