Research with Impact


Laboratories focusing on green engineering research in the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion are developing physical, chemical, and biological processes that control, reduce, and prevent pollution in the environment. These processes have the potential to clean our air, water and soil, and have economic benefits as well.

Some of the research projects in this area of specialization include:

  • Production of biofuel from agricultural waste;
  • Production of clean hydrogen by water splitting using photocatalysts;
  • Development of clean technologies for air, water and soil treatment;
  • Bioremediation and pollution control;
  • Biofuel cells and bio-generators;
  • Development of novel nanomaterials and nanomedicines synthesized using green enabling solvents, such as supercritical carbon dioxide and ionic liquids for emerging applications like solar devices, catalytic and biomedical applications;
  • Biosensors for environmental monitoring;
  • Enzymes for biological degradation of polyurethane foam, microbial sulfur removal from diesel using ionic solvents, and Lipase assisted biodiesel; and
  • Production in ionic liquids.

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