CEE 4441 Design Project


To ensure that civil engineering students at Western obtain training with significant design experience, as required by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, the Department offers a compulsory “capstone” design course, CEE 4441 Civil Engineering Design, in the fourth-year undergraduate program. This course is conducted for the most part in direct collaboration with the City of London. Students undertake design projects in teams under the supervision of faculty and private and public consultants that include consulting engineers, architects, landscape architects, quantity suppliers and finance experts. Teams work on projects for the city (e.g. footbridges, a ball park grandstand, wastewater management facilities), and the City provides funds for artistic renderings and cash prizes for first and second placed teams. Occasionally, students’ groups undertake the course by working on targeted projects in wind engineering or related areas in collaboration with the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory or, in the case of Civil Engineering (with International Development) students, on projects developed during their overseas summer internship placement at the completion of the third year. The students present their designs to multi-disciplinary judging panels drawn from the local community.

City of London Design Competition 2022

Friday March 11, 2022

1st Place 

MPR (Supervised by Dr. Sadhu and Dr. Newson)
Queens Avenue Bridge Expansion
Maw, Cloe Anna Gardner
Medeiros, Lochlan
Peng, Shuxin
Pronych, Julia Natalia Pyskir
Risha, Aya

2nd Place 

Roundabouters  (Supervised by Dr. El Madhoon and Dr. El Naggar)
Gore and Hamilton Roundabout
Colborne, Amelia
Fabrizio, Stefano John
Frielink, Isaiah Johannes
McFaul Freeman, Aidan William

3rd Place 

Green Builds Engineering Ltd. (Supervised by Dr. Power and Dr. El Naggar)
McNay Drain Rehabilitation
Chasse, Sophie
Dekker, Jade Irene
Nauta, Kaitlyn Nicole
Paul, Nicholas Raja
Weber, Clodagh Maria
Capstone Engineering Group (Supervised by Dr. Adawi and Dr. Li)
Veterans Memorial Parkway Underpass
Guo, Joshua
Horvath, Evan
MacMillan, Mary Kathleen
Voronoff, Justin Noah