Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get "Civil Paper"?

  • You can purchase "Civil Paper" from the CEE office, SEB 3005. The cost is $5 cash only.

What average do I need to get into CEE?

  • We cap our second year admission to 80 students. To be admitted into CEE you must have successfully completed all your first year engineering courses.

What courses do I register for?

  • Progression sheets for all CEE programs can be found here.

When can I register for my courses?

  • Each student will be given an appointment time when they can start their registration. Login in to the Student Services website and follow the "My Possibilities" link to find out your earliest web registration date. This appointment time is the first time you can register for your courses and will remain open to you any time after this date and time.

What do I do if a course is full?

  • This won't happen if it is a core course for your program of study; and very rarely happens for our technical elective courses.

When is Surveying?

  • CEE 3324a - August 22 to September 2, 2022.   The final exam will take place the week of September, 5, 2022.

When do I register for Surveying?

  • You register for CEE 3324a - Surveying on-line when you register for your courses for the following Fall Term.

Do I have to do Intent to Register after first year?

  • Yes, if you plan to continue in your CEE program you must submit an online intent to register so that you will have access to the web registration system during the summer months to register for Fall/Winter courses. If you don't submit an Intent to Register, you will not have access to the web registration system.

What happens if I don't submit my Intent to Register?

  • To receive the highest priority for your preference of a program, you must submit your Intent to Register form web or appropriate paper version) on time. If you don't submit your ITR, you will not be able to use the online registration system to register for your fall/winter courses during the summer. If you do not submit your ITR during the online period you will need to submit a paper form to the Undergraduate Services Office (SEB 2097).

How do I appeal a grade in a course?

  • Information regarding the policy on appealing a grade can be found here.