Research Themes

Western Engineering conducts research directed towards benefiting society. Our cutting-edge research provides the foundation for graduate student training and undergraduate learning. Our faculty members are actively involved in projects at the frontier of knowledge. 

Looking ahead, Western Engineering has identified four major research themes that will continue to be areas of strength and priority for the faculty:

Sustainability, environment, resiliency and adaptive systems

Concerns about climate change and the need for green technologies gives our researchers opportunities to build a sustainable future and to improve water quality, enhance environmental remediation, and optimize energy management.

Biomedical engineering, technology in health and medicine

Our strong collaboration with Schulich School of Medicine Dentistry, Science and Health Sciences has produced outstanding research in biomedical engineering, medical physics, cell biology and anatomy, and musculoskeletal health. As the need for medical devices rises, our faculty will contribute to new medical devices that will improve health care support and delivery.

Innovative materials and biomaterials

The global need for lightweight materials for transportation (to address energy costs and environmental concerns) is driving industry, business and research sectors to partner and engineer advanced materials and biomaterials – which are critical building blocks for any new manufacturing development. Our successful collaboration with industry is already attracting multi-million dollar funding and access to global research facilities.

Ubiquitous information and communication

An IBM-Western initiative in cloud computing, big data analytics and high-performance computing propels the work already underway in computer science, software engineering, medical imaging and many other research areas on campus. Working with big data offers opportunities for entrepreneurial alumni and industry supporters to create a unique student learning experience in a booming field.