Paul Charpentier receives Engineering Award for Excellence in Research

Paul Charpentier, professor in the department of chemical and biochemical engineering, is the 2023 recipient of the Engineering Award for Excellence in Research.

The Award is presented annually to an outstanding Western Engineering faculty member to recognize their outstanding research contributions. 



Charpentier has been a trailblazer since joining Western, pioneering new paths in sustainable research and focusing on transforming waste into valuable resources using environmentally friendly techniques. His innovative work addresses critical industrial and societal needs, aligning with Western’s core mission of sustainability. 

With over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters, and several patents to his name, Charpentier’s research has made a significant impact. He is frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences, further underscoring his status as a leading researcher.

Charpentier’s research is also marked by strong industry and governmental collaborations. His work spans a range of innovative projects, including hydrogen production, novel nanomaterial synthesis, green diesel production, and waste polymer upcycling. His ability to bridge academic research with practical industrial applications has advanced both fields significantly.

Leading a dynamic research group, Charpentier has graduated over 50 M.E.Sc and PhD students and supervised more than 25 postdoctoral fellows and research associates. His mentees are highly successful, securing prominent positions in both industry and academia. 

Charpentier’s research endeavours are well-supported, with over $2 million in funding secured in the past three years alone. He holds an NSERC Discovery Grant and has received funding from various sources, including industry partnerships, OCI and MITACS. His funding levels are among the highest in the Faculty of Engineering, reflecting his ability to attract substantial research support and his dedication to fostering new research partnerships.

Described by his colleagues as modest and unassuming, Charpentier is known for his willingness to collaborate and assist others. Amarjeet Bassi, professor and chair in the department of chemical and biochemical engineering, praises Charpentier as “an outstanding researcher, highly productive and an asset to our department and Faculty of Engineering.”

His contributions have significantly advanced research in Ontario and Canada, making him a deserving candidate for the Engineering Award for Achievement in Research. His innovative work and dedication to sustainability not only enhance the university's reputation but also contribute to broader industrial and societal advancements.